How do I check in with Air Asia?

There are different ways to check in with AirAsia, and you can find almost all of them in the following elaboration; please look:

AirAsia WebCheck in. 

The most used method is Airasia web check-in, which will take hardly 3-5 minutes to complete. So, you are suggested to follow the instructions:

  • Go to the official website of AirAsia
  • To retrieve flight information, click on the Check-in tab. 
  • Enter all the flight information in the given tabs and submit it. 
  • You will get a confirmation code which is your Boarding pass. 

Mobile Check In 

If you cannot make Airasia check-in online or web check-in due to some technical error, you can also use the mobile application of Air Asia to do so. This will indeed assist you in mitigating the risk of missing a flight-like situation. However, below are the steps:

  1. Open the AirAsia mobile application. 
  2. Login with your account to continue. 
  3. On the homepage, click on the Check-in tab. 
  4. Type all your ticket details, for example, Name, Last name, ticket number, etc., and search for your flight. 
  5. Confirm the check-in, and you will receive a boarding pass in your email. 

How do I self check-in for Air Asia?

Passengers are always concerned about self-check-in with Air Asia. So, there are steps you need to follow, and that is provided below:

  1. Check-in via Kiosk Machine. 
  2. Once you are at the airport, approach the Kiosk machine to begin the self-check-in process.
  3. Tap on the Check-in tab. 
  4. Provide all your ticket details, for example, PNR number, last name, etc., and submit. 
  5. Tap on your profile, and you will be done with the process.

What is the check-in time for AirAsia?

Most times, flying passengers raise concerns about Air Asia check-in time so they can get on time without any hassle. So, in this situation, the following elaboration on the same will provide you with guidance:

  • The check-in counters open at least 2 hours before your scheduled flight and close 45 minutes before the departure period. 

How soon can you check in for AirAsia?

  1. The self-check-in opens at least 14 days before the scheduled flight. 
  2. This check-in counter gets closed around 1 hour before departure. 

Do we need to take a printout of the boarding pass AirAsia?

  • You are not required to carry the physical boarding pass with AirAsia. 
  • The E-boarding pass will work while checking in. 

How can I get an AirAsia boarding pass online?

Below are some of the points through which you can get boarding pass online:

  • To do so, go to the Check-in tab on the official website of AirAsia. 
  • Enter all your necessary details, for example, Ticket number, name, etc. 
  • Tap to check-in, and you will be sent a boarding pass in your email box or registered mobile number.

How many bags can I check in Air Asia?

  1. You are permitted to check in 2 bags with the airline. Weight must not exceed 20 Kg/piece. 
  2. You can also purchase more baggage allowance by contacting the assistance team of the airline.  

Is check-in baggage free in Air Asia?

To a certain number of bags (2 pieces), you have Air Asia check-in luggage limits that may not cost you any bucks. But if you exceed the limits set by the airline, incur a fee, and to view them, visit the official website of AirAsia, where you will view the fees list. 

What is the charge for extra baggage in Air Asia?

  • The charges begin at $6 and can go up to $48. 
  • The charges, by and large, vary and depend on the nature of the flight and its destination and class. 
  • You must get to the airline’s customer executive for the exact idea about the baggage charges.