• Visit Udantu.com and select the departure and destination.
  • Enter the travel’s date and time and select the booking class with the best seat.
  • Go to the flight search section and search for the flights to compare the prices and select one at the lowest rate.
  • Review your booking and go to the payment method to purchase a flight ticket and get a message on your registered mobile phone and email address eventually.

Answer: When you complete your booking, you get e-tickets within one or two days. But sometimes, when your airline doesn’t offer you an e-ticket, you always get a paper ticket from Udantu. Suppose you didn’t get any message and information for the E-ticket and want to get genuine information to get your access. In that case, you can contact a customer representative who will send you your E-ticket through email at your email address once the paper ticket is issued.

Answer: When booking a plane or wanting to travel to your favorite destination, you must have documents like Passport, Travel Visa, and National ID Card or driving license.

Answer: If you want to know how to book a group trip, ensure you have assigned a group leader who decides your budget for the group booking. You must check the document’s itineraries and preferences. Get a group discount by selecting the booking website and booking a group trip conveniently.

Answer: You can use a real-time tracker that helps you to check your flight schedule and know everything about the booking. Along with that, if you have received a booking confirmation message on your phone or email address, you would get to know that your trip is proceeding and make your travel plan accordingly.

Answer: You can book a flight ticket online with the help booking engine and get the booking message after buying a flight ticket. If you are unable to do so online, connect with a live person who is free to assist you at your required time decently.

Answer: Yes, you can get a boarding pass online after completing the check-in process and get a boarding pass that will be reflected on your phone or in your email ID.

Answer: When you need to start the check-in online at the airport, you must reach the airport within 24 hours and drop your luggage at the check-in counter. You will perform check-in online, save more than 40 minutes in queues, and wait to print the boarding pass you have obtained. You also might get the new boarding card to print at the airport and get certain benefits accordingly.

Answer: An E-ticket is offered when you complete your booking, and the venue is equipped with electronic access control. Your ticket can be printed at home in color or black and white from your printer device connected to your computer or mobile device, and get a unique, different bar code to use during the flight journey.

Answer: When you access the airport for the check-in and the travel agent asks you to show the document, you must have these documents like Driving License, Valid passport, PAN cards, Photo identity card and so on.

Answer: You can check your flight online within 48 to 3 hours of the flight departure in the international flight journey. For the domestic airline, you can start the check-in task within 24 to 2 hours before flight departure online and get extraordinary facilities to make your reservation perfect every time decently.

Answer: No, it is not essential to register yourself before buying an airline ticket from Udantu. If you don’t want to register yourself and want to book a flight ticket, you can connect with a live person who will provide you with genuine advice to make your flight journey perfect every time.

Answer: When buying airline tickets from Udantu, you must check out the necessary things, including all types of cards (VISA credit cards, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.), to make payments decently. You can use a credit card from any country from your local location and pay the charges accordingly. Check if your flight is refundable, can earn frequent flyer miles, check with the baggage, legroom, and flight route, and ensure departure airport easily.

Answer: When you check with the billing address for your credit card outside Canada or U.S., you will get proper assistance to book your flight ticket at your required time. So, you can book the ticket because the payment processor checks your credit card billing address outside Canada or the U.S. against your bank records and completes your booking pleasantly.

Answer: When your flight ticket is booked but you didn’t reserve your seat, your car requests a seat assignment and chooses your preferred seat accordingly. You can select your seat within 24 hours before flight departure and get maximum facilities during seat selection. You must go to the booking website, select manage booking, and enter the booking and passenger details. Get complete information to choose your seat using a seat map and pay for an extra seat accordingly. If you still find some trouble in seat selection, contact the best travel team and share your queries related to seat selection at a specific time.

Answer: When you try to book a flight ticket online, you notice the fare has increased because Jet fuel's price is improved by nearly 80 to 100%. Sometimes airlines have also experienced not having enough pilots and flight attendants to run their flights. Your fare prices increase due to higher labor costs, and you check rising ticket prices. You can approach a customer representative team to avoid this trouble and get a fabulous trick to reserve your flight ticket at the lowest rate at your critical moment.