What is the frequent flyer program in Air India?

Air India Frequent flyer program, popularly known as “Air India flying returns,” is a loyalty program that can be purchased by passengers to enjoy several privileges. If you want to purchase an Air India loyalty program membership and you have several questions in your mind, then you can read the curated information given below. Also, you must make sure that you fulfill the eligibility set by Air India to become a frequent flyer program member.

Which frequent flyer program is with Air India?

Flying Returns is Air India's frequent flyer program. It enables customers to travel to their destination using reward points for flights. Passengers can also use the benefits on Star Alliance member airlines. The Air India frequent flyer benefits are mentioned in the next section. You can become a member of the frequent flyer program by filling out an online form. 

How can I become a frequent flyer member of Air India?

There are many frequent travelers who wish to become members of the Air India loyalty program to enjoy some benefits. If you are also looking for Air India frequent flyer membership method, then you must know that you can enroll in the program online using certain online steps given below:
After opening the official website of Air India, go to the loyalty section.

  • Now you can use your sign-in credentials to login into your existing account.
  • Now click on earn points.
  • To become a member, you must enter the passenger's details.
  • Now OTP will be sent to your entered email address link or phone number; you can enter it to validate the membership. 
  • The flying return points will be credited to the ticket holder's account. 

What are the terms and conditions of the Air India Frequent Flyer program: 

If any passenger wishes to use Air India's frequent flyer program, then he is required to follow the important conditions, some of which are given below:

  1. To become a member of a loyalty program, customers must be above the age of 2. If any customer is within the age group of 2-12, then he will become a child member.
  2. The airline permits passengers to book tickets or upgrade their cabins using these points. The upgrade voucher will be allotted that cannot be transferred to any other passenger and can only be used by ticket holders.
  3. To book tickets, customers must always handle their flying return number. They can also use this number at the airport to upgrade their traveling classes or to make new reservations. 

What are the benefits of Air India's frequent flyer?

If any passenger becomes a member of Air India's famous frequent flyer program, then he is entitled to the following benefits.

  • Passengers are provided points every time they travel with the airlines to their destinations. 
  • If the reservations are made through the official website of the airline or by using a mobile application, then they can get bonus return points. The flying return points can be redeemed by the ticket holders faster.
  • The points earned by the passengers can, later on, be used to make flight reservations for themselves or other family members. 
  • Upgrade vouchers are provided to active members.

How to use the Air India frequent flyer program?

If you want to use your Air India frequent flyer program points, then you can utilize them during ticket purchases or for flight upgrades. You need to follow the sequence of online steps given below to use your already existing Air India frequent flyer points:

  1. Start the points redemption process by visiting the official website of the Air India airline.
  2. Now you must discover the flight by entering flight details, and you must fill in the passenger details to proceed.
  3. Now when you click on the payment section, you must enter your flying return number and existing points to save your expenses. 
  4. Finally, you must tap on the save and confirm button to purchase your tickets. 

How can I add my Air India frequent flyer points?

If you have collected frequent flyer points, then you must be thinking about how you can add your points; then, you must note that your flyer points are automatically added to your account every time you travel via airlines. You can check these points by logging into your Air India account anytime and also use them for your ticket purchase or for upgrading your travel class. 

How can I get air miles in Air India?

If you want to get Air India miles, then you can fly on Air India or star alliance flights, and you will collect miles for every trip. You also have the option to purchase these miles. The purchase can be made on the Air India official website or by using the mobile application. 

What is the value of Air India's frequent flyer points?

The value of Air India's frequent flyer points depends upon the trip type. Air India frequent flyer redemption can be made online to use the benefits. The value of flyer points is equal to one reward point, which is approximately 0.51 for domestic and one-way tickets. 

What is the frequent flyer number in Air India?

Air India provides membership numbers to every traveler who becomes part of the frequent flyer loyalty program. This number is usually sent to the registered email address of the customer once they purchase the loyalty program membership. You can find the Air India frequent flyer registration number in your linked email address, or you can use your registered id and password to login into your Air India account and go to the loyalty section to find the number. 

How are miles calculated in Air India?

If you have earned air india flying returns mileage points or miles, and you wish to calculate it, then you can use the online Air India calculator. The online steps to calculate your miles are given below. You must also take note that miles are calculated on the basis of passengers traveling class and cabin:

  • Visit the official website of Air India.
  • Click on “loyalty” followed by “points calculator.” https://loyalty.airindia.in/
  • You need to enter your flight and also mention your cabin class, followed by pressing the calculate button.
  • Finally, you will display the estimated value of your miles. 

How much are Air India frequent flyer points worth?

Air India provides return points to passengers who are members of the loyalty program. If you are curious to know what Air India frequent flyers points are worth, then you will get approximately $11 for 100 points. The exact value can be calculated online. 

How can I check my Air India frequent flyer points?

There are several passengers who purchase a membership in the loyalty program. If you are already Air India frequent flyer program active member and you wish to check your gained points, then you must follow the online steps sequentially:

  1. Go to the website of Air India.
  2. You can also open the mobile application of the airlines. 
  3. If you already have an account, then you must log in using Air India credentials.
  4. Now from the top menu bar, you must tap on “loyalty.”
  5. To check your points, you must tap on the continue button, and soon you will be displayed all the information. 

Conclusion: Now that you have read all the details regarding the frequent flyer program, all your doubts regarding Air India's frequent flyers must be resolved. In case you still have any confusion, then you must not hesitate to contact Air India customer care services by calling using the Air India frequent flyer customer care number: 1860 233 1407. The airline representative will help callers and eliminate their confusion regarding loyalty programs.