All you need to know about Air India Seat Seat Selection, Policy, and Fee

Air India provides various flight options to you according to your budget and schedule. The most important part of the airline is it provides comfort to its passengers at every place, whether it is a lounge facility or inflight, where you can get different seat options to choose from according to your journey and convenience. The Air India seat selection process is very easy because you can choose your seat online mode, which is fast and saves an ample amount of time. You will get your seat number without any hassle. You can go more in this article to gather necessary information regarding the airline and its seat types.

How can I select a seat on Air India?

Air India provides a managed booking option by the help of which you can select your seat anytime you want after booking your flight. You can follow the below-written steps and choose your preferred seat. 

  • Open the official page of Air India 
  • After that, click on the login tab and register your account.
  • Now tap on the manage booking tab and enter your booking details.
  • You have entered the booking reference number and last name, then click on search.
  • The last page will show you the booking details under that, click on the seat map option.
  • A seat map will open on which you can choose your preferred seat, and occupied seats are already highlighted so that you will not make any mistake while booking your preferred seat.
  • Finally, you have booked your seat, click on confirm, and the airline will drop the confirmation code message at your registered details along with the seat number on your ticket. 

This is how you can apply for Air India seat selection online, but before this, you must be familiar with the seat selection policy that has been designed under the supervision of senior authorities so that you will not face any kind of inconvenience while choosing the seat. 

Air India Seat Selection Policy

  1. According to the airline, seat selection is free of charge for first and business-class travelers on selected routes and must be operated by Air India. On the other hand, the preferred seat selection in the economy is available on some specific routes handled by Air India.
  2. The Air India seat selection policy refers that passengers are allowed to buy their preferred seat up to four hours prior to the flight departure time. And paid seats do not include bassinets which are free of cost but on the basis of availability. 
  3. If you are able-bodied and have enough physical strength or mobility to open the emergency exit doors without assistance or impending others, then you are eligible for emergency exit row seats. 

How much does Air India charge for seat selection?

The Air India seat selection fees vary according to the seat type you have opted for your journey. If you are traveling in the front row and your seat is near the emergency exit row, then the airline may charge you 70 $, and if it is a window and aisle seat, then it may cost you around 45 $ and the middle seat is around 15 $ . these charges can be paid through different mode of payment gateways.

What type of seats are available in Air India?

You will get three types of seats that are available in Air India, which are business, economics, and first-class seats. Air India is a member of the star alliance, and all these seats are available in its fleet of 107 aircraft. These seat classes are further categorized into one cabin, two cabins, and three cabins. If you have opted for business and first-class seats, then you are allowed to have your snacks and rest in the Maharaja lounge given by Air India. 

How many seats are available on Air India?

If it's a Boeing 777-300 ER, then the seats are around 342 on Air India flights, categorized into three-class and mostly used for long-haul routes. The flight has 4 flatbed seats in first class, 35 flatbed seats in business, and 303 standard economy seats.

Can we select seats during web check-in at Air India?

Yes, you can select a seat in Air India during web check-in. After that, you will receive the boarding pass at your registered email id. Along with that, you will get the seat number on your pass that can be printed or kept in the softcopy in order to prevent it from losing. 

What happens if I don't select a seat in Air India?

If you do not select your seat on your own in Air India at the time of booking or during check, the airline will automatically assign you a seat that you have accepted anyhow; otherwise, if you wish to change it, then you need to pay the extra charge for the seat. 

How can I avoid paying for seat selection on Air India?

You can avoid paying to choose a seat on an Air India flight by choosing your seat at the time of flight reservation. If you are unable to do so, then still have a chance to choose the seat at the check-in free of charge. Apart from this, if you are traveling on business, first class, then you do not have to pay for the seat. 

What is an XL seat in Air India?

If you check on the Air India seat selection map, then you will find the XL seat option, which has a 34” seat pitch, and the regular seat has a 31” pitch, but the width is the same for all seats. 

Does Air India have premium seats?

Yes, Air India has premium seats, and you can choose the premium economy cabin that consists of 48 seats but have to pay the additional fees. With premium seats, you will get different benefits inside your flight cabin that will make your journey pleasant.  

Is Air India seat selection free?

Yes, air India seat selection is free; you can opt for free seats for your journey. You can connect with the airline team for further information regarding the seats.