What is the Air India Student Flight Discount?

You will get an Air India student flight discount if you actively study within India. The student flight discount will help you in completing different destinations in every corner of India at low fares but with top-notch facilities such as custom-made meals where the airline will easily make a meal according to your diet no matter if you are vegetarian, non - vegetarian, lactose intolerant, etc. You will also get in-flight entertainment so that you can stream through different shows on TV, music, video games, and audiobooks. You can contact the team for necessary help and get your job done. 

Benefits of having student flight discount 

  • Air India Student discounts make traveling to your destination affordable so you can use the remaining amount for other purposes.     
  • Student discounts give you flexibility so that you can go for last-minute changes at your convenience. 

How to get a student discount on Air India flights?

You can get a student discount on Air India flight easily. You can apply for student discounts on all domestic flights. If you are a student of age 12 years old and above that age, you need to give your valid ID card that the school or university must issue. At the time of check-in, you can show your id and get the benefits of the student discount scheme. 

What is the student concession for Air India?

You will get a 50 percent concession on the base fare of an economy-class cabin. So this will be the Air India student discount on domestic flights. The discounts have been decided so the passengers can move freely to their destination. If you have other doubts, you can go through the official page of Air India.

Does Air India give student discounts?

Yes, airlines give discounts to students whose ages are 12 or above. According to the  Air India student discount policy, you need to make a reservation on Air India up to 3 days prior to the flight departure schedule. On the other hand, if you want to travel on other partner flights, then ticket booking must be 7 days prior to the flight departure time. 

Does Air India have a student discount for international flights?

Yes, you will get an Air India student discount international, and with this scheme, you will receive from 25 % to 50 % concession according to the type of flight you have opted for your journey and based on your education. You need to register for the student discount by connecting with customer service at Air India via the toll-free number 0124 264 1407.

What is the weight limit for Air India students?

According to Air India's student discount baggage allowance, you can take the benefits of extra baggage on the airline. You can go through the below-mentioned baggage allowance according to the destination.  

  1. If you are traveling to the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, or the UK, then you will get 1 additional baggage which should weigh at most 23 kgs to all the destinations.
  2. If you are traveling to Saarc, southeast Asia, China, Australia, and new zealand, then you will get 1 additional baggage which should weigh at most 20 kgs to all the destinations. 
  3. According to the maximum baggage allowance, the sum of free baggage allowance and additional baggage must be 40 kgs for economy class. For business class, the weight must be within 50 kg.
  4. If it is first class, then the weight must be within 60 kg.
  5. In case you extend the weight limit, then a penalty may be applied as per the fare rules. 

For further information, you can connect with Air India at 0124 264 1407 and resolve your query.