AirAsia Group Booking

If you want to book a flight ticket with more than ten passengers, you should make a group reservation with AirAsia. The airline provides great deals and multiple benefits and can pay through several methods. The passenger can only enjoy the benefits when booking through the Group desk. To get more details on AirAsia group booking, you can contact someone from the airline's customer service, who will provide assistance.

How to book flight tickets for a group of people with AirAsia?

If you want to book a group flight ticket with AirAsia, then the quickest method is through the official website. You have to submit a group reservation form with all the passengers' details and the destination details. Then an executive will contact you to assist you with the reservation and provide the related information. Follow the given steps to fill out the group reservation form:

  • Locate the Official Air Asia website.
  • Press the button to make a group reservation.
  • Then a group reservation form will open on your screen.
  • Select the departure and the arrival location.
  • Choose the date for the departure.
  • Add the passengers as per your choice and enter their details.
  • After you submit the form, an executive will contact you to discuss the prices and help you with the reservation.

How do I contact the AirAsia group desk?

For any help or guidance, you can contact the AirAsia group travel desk and speak to a live executive about your issue. The best mode to connect with the airline is through the telephone number. You can call the airline group desk number to talk to a live executive and explain the situation. Get assistance regarding the group reservation and ask your issue direct with customer service by using the following instructions: 

  1. Give a call to the AirAsia group desk number +603 8660 0008 for AirAsia Flights or +603 784 11818.
  2. Press the button for your preferred language.
  3. Hold on for some time, and your call will reach a live executive.
  4. Discuss your trip details and provide the information of the passengers.
  5. Then the executive will guide you through the necessary details and assist you in making the group reservation.

What are the benefits of AirAsia Group booking?

When you make a group reservation with the airline, you can enjoy Airasia group booking benefits and get several deals & services. To know about the benefits you will get from the airline, read the given points:

  • AirAsia provides an additional discount to make a group reservation.
  • To book AirAsia group flights, the passenger can use different modes for the payment
  • The passengers can choose the seat as per their choice and sit next to each other.
  • The airline provides an early check-in for passengers.

How to web check-in AirAsia for a group booking?

If you have booked a group reservation with more than ten and want to check in for your flight, then you can use the web check. The process for AirAsia group booking web check-in is not that hard, and anyone can do it with their laptop or mobile phone by following the mentioned instructions:

  1. Get to AirAsia's official webpage or open the mobile app.
  2. Then you have to open the "Check in" section.
  3. Write down the "Booking or PNR number" and your "First or Last name."
  4. Enter your baggage details and fill up the other necessary information.
  5. Then select from the available seats and download the boarding pass.

Is it cheaper to book a group flight with AirAsia?

Booking a flight ticket for more people provides you with many benefits as making the reservation separately. If you book AirAsia group flight tickets, then you can enjoy great deals and get the flight ticket at a cheaper price. However, you will only get the benefits when you make the reservation directly with the group desk at the airline. If you require any assistance, then customer service is present to guide you with a solution.