A Comprehensive Guide on Alaska Airlines Group Booking 

Are you planning a group travel with Alaska Airlines but not clear about how to book a flight for a group? Worry not; this comprehensive guide will not only help you with group bookings but also give you a broad range of information about Alaska Airlines Group travel. Adding to that, you will also learn about how Alaska Airlines Boarding process works and what are their boarding groups. So, let's discuss all these briefly on this page.

How do I Book a Alaska flight for a group of people?

People can easily book their flight tickets for a group of 10 or more people by requesting it. The group booking process is quite different from the standard booking process; here, you have to do everything in advance, and it is next to impossible to make group bookings at the last minute of the flights. You can call and speak to the reservation department and follow the steps below to make an Alaska Airlines group booking.

  • Use 1-800-445-4435 to make a phone call.
  • You will be connected to the Alaska group desk.
  • Follow the on-call process, and someone will be connected.
  • You can talk with them and provide them with details of the passengers.
  • The representative will register your request, tell you the whole process, and make the bookings.

Is it Cheaper to book Alaska flights as a group?

Yes, you can save your money on Alaska group booking up to 20% to 30% or higher if you book flight as a group. So you can it is much cheaper. 

How many people in group travel on Alaska Airlines?

Normally, a minimum of 10 people is required for group travel on Alaska Airlines. 

Do Alaska Airlines give discounts for groups?

Yes, if you are traveling with Alaska Airlines and you are traveling with a group of more than just 10 people, then you can definitely secure discounts on group airfares. You can visit the Alaska Airlines official website or mobile app to check for group booking discounts and contact the customer support executive to know more about running deals and offers to get discounted flights. Alaska Airlines provides flexibility and security for their group travelers and is always ready to help make a safer and smoother journey.

Alaska Airlines group booking benefits

Group booking with this airline also comes with several benefits that you can get. Planning a group travel may feel you stressed and hard tearing your pocket, but its as simple as booking the ticket for yourself but with more benefits. Here in this part of the content you will find some advantages of Alaska Airlines group booking.

Cost Savings: one of the major benefits of group reservation is the potential it consists for cost savings. When you travel in a group with Alaska Airlines then, you may be able to get reduced rates and secure discounts on travel fares like fares on flights, hotels, and others. 

Convenience on the go: Booking of groups is more convenient because here all the arrangements are made on an early basis. So you don't have to worry about the hassles and busy work schedules. You can save a lot of time and have enough time to plan things. 

Group Discounts: Get additional Alaska Airlines group travel discount on airfares, and you may be able to negotiate terms and conditions when you make group reservations for people of more than 10. all your expenses that were going to be out of budget will be getting at discounted rates.

How many groups are in Alaska boarding?

Typically, Alaska has 6 boarding groups, which makes their boarding process smooth. Here is the list given below.

Group of First-class passengers
Group A
Group B 
Group C
Group D
Group E

Now, they have also categorised more groups for Preboarding and Priority Boarding, including passengers with disabilities who require help or families having children under the age of 2 or Active members serving in the military. And First Class guests and MVP Gold 100K.

How do I contact Alaska Airlines group travel?

Let's talk about how someone can easily contact Alaska Airlines for group travel. There are various methods that Alaska Airlines offers to their customers. Below, you will learn some of the best ways to communicate with Alaska Airlines.

Raise your group travel query through Email.

People can easily send their queries regarding the group traveling via Email. Here, if you are their elite club member or loyalty program member and want to request for group booking or want to inquire about the availability of seats or any services regarding the group reservation, then you can simply compose your Email and send it to mileage.plan@Alaskaair.com. Soon, you will be notified in your inbox by their support executives.

Speak directly with the agent.

The other way to contact Alaska Airlines is by speaking with the executive directly. Below are the ways that can help you to talk straightforwardly with the agent.

Via phone call: Dial the Alaska Airlines group travel phone number 1-800-445-4435 and follow the call process, and you can talk to them and ask your queries regarding your group travel.

Via reaching the office: Reach their airport office and then speak to them by meeting them personally. If you have time to visit their office, then this could be the best option to resolve any concerns about group travel, and they can also help you plan your group travel.

Text or SMS: Write a message and send it on 82008. You will get a response soon, and you may pay the applicable SMS rates.

Customer service hours for Group Reservations.

For any queries related to your group traveling, Alaska Airlines has open their customer service helpline windows from 6 am to 6 pm, according to Pacific Time, on weekdays and from 7:30 in the morning to 5 in the evening as per Pacific Time on Saturdays. You may find their help desk closed on Sundays.

How do boarding groups work on Alaska?

Here's how the Alaska Airlines group boarding process works with guests traveling in groups in Alaska. A specific boarding group will be given to each guest. They board their Main Cabin seats by group letters after when first class and reboarding travelers had been seated fully. You can check your group letter when your boarding passes are generated. 

What is group A on Alaska Airlines?

Group A is given to the passengers who are members of Mileage PlanTM, Million Miler, MVP Gold 75K, and MVP Gold programs on Alaska Airlines. 

What is Group B on Alaska Airlines?

Group B passengers are the guests with Premium class seats and Mileage Plan MVP memberships. 

What is Group C mean on Alaska Airlines?

Group C travelers are those who are Eligible Alaska Airlines Visa Signature and Business cardholders and have booked their flights using the Alaska Card.

What is Group D mean on Alaska Airlines?

When the Guests have their Main Seatings located in the back half area of the aircraft, that means you have been given Group D on Alaska Airlines.

What is Group E on Alaska Airlines?

Guests will be going to be seated in the front half of the aircraft if they find Group E written on their Alaska Airlines boarding pass.

What is Group F in Alaska Airlines?

This group is made for those passengers who have booked their flight in the budget category using the Save plan, which means Guests in the Saver Seats will be part of Group F.