A guide to the Avianca connecting flight, policy, and how it works

Avianca has been serving the international markets at multiple foreign destinations. For long-haul travel, passengers are often requested to add a connecting flight to their travel itinerary. Well, it is simple. Long-haul flights are still subject to many improvements to serve the travel market on a feasible budget. However, two or three connecting flights at Avianca do not cost much, and you’re also given the comfort to stretch your body from the mold you have been fit into during your first flight.

What is the connecting flight policy for Avianca?

  • A passenger is not entitled to customs and immigration clearance, baggage transfers, check-in, or even minor boarding procedures, given both flights are operating from an international or domestic airport. 
  • For baggage transfers to a connecting flight, it must be operating from the same terminal of the airport to avoid the clash between international and domestic transfers since Avianca does not provide such transfers. 
  • It would help if you carried your luggage with you to the domestic airport while boarding and underwent a separate security check. 

How does it work when you have a connecting flight?

  1. All passengers with a transfer ticket and boarding pass are to take the transfer gate to reach their transfer flight boarding gate.
  2. There’s a contact-less moving process while boarding a connecting flight since there’s no need for a passenger to check in again since Avianca already uploads the same to their boarding list for the connecting flight as well. 
  3. All baggage transfers go through customs and immigration without requiring you to be present there. 
  4. The security process is subject to the airport’s policies and has nothing to do with a connecting flight.

Do you have to pick up baggage between connecting flights with different airlines?

All airline's baggage drops and transfers are subject to their baggage policy. Hence, if you did not book your connecting flight with the exact airline or any alliance airline, you need to redo the entire check-in and baggage drop process per your connecting airline.

Do I have to transfer my luggage on a connecting flight?

Usually, you’re not required to transfer your bags to a connecting flight if you made the booking with the same airline. They move your luggage on a connecting flight without even notifying you of any drama. 

Do you pay for connecting flights?

You do have to pay to avail of any additional services from the airlines. However, an Avianca connecting flight costs way less than a direct one. It is more convenient and allows you to take a break from the unreliable long-haul flights. 

How long will a flight wait for connecting passengers?

Avoid running in the airport lobby to catch a connecting flight. Instead, understand that most airlines have a minimum buffer time of at most 60 minutes for short layovers. To switch from international to domestic transfers or vice-versa, you’re given 60-180 minutes overall for a hassle-free transfer.

What happens if my first flight is delayed and I miss my connecting flight?

If your first flight is delayed due to any possible reason, the airline provides reasonable compensation against your connecting flight fare. They may also compensate you for an alternate flight, or you’ll receive a full refund against your booking with additional vouchers depending on the airline policy. Such compensation is subject to the airline’s compensation policy, which confirms a satisfactory alternative for your missed flight.