British Airways group booking and terms and conditions

When you are booking a flight for a group of people, you have to follow a different procedure. Here are the methods which you can adopt for group boarding and you can find out the method that is most relevant for you. Before initiating, you should know about the British Airways booking terms and conditions to proceed smoothly.

Seat Holding:- To hold the seats for all of your group members, you have to pay an 'Agreed Rate' or a 'Quoted Rate'. There is no charge that you have to pay to the concerned airlines for an infant who does not occupy a seat.

Deposit Information:- The rate that you have to pay in order to hold a seat is 20% of the ticket price or 20 euro, whichever is greater. And they have the right to change the deposit or the deposit date at any time.

Payment Procedure:- The concerned airlines will publish full payment advice to the Group Organiser. The invoice will be emailed, and the Group organizer has to receive it by 8 weeks prior to the departure.

How do I book a British Airways flight for a group of people?

There are several methods which you can use to get in touch with the officials of British Airways. They can help you out regarding the British Airways group booking, and if you are a new flyer, you can also inquire about the services, for e.g., what is the boarding procedure, what medical assistance they provide inside the plane in case of any emergency, check-in process, etc.

Dial their helpline number and get assistance.

If you do not want to go through a long online process to inquire about the process of British Airways group travel, you can get in touch with their support team via call. You can dial their helpline number - 1-844-209-1281, and you can have a word with their technical team executives. They provide 24-hour immediate service, but it is advisable to call them between 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. to get a hold of British Airways easily.

You can also send your query at at mybooking@ba-groups.com.

Book the flight for your members via the website.

In case you do not prefer phone calls and you often get busy lines, a better way to know about British Airways group boarding would be through their official website. Following are the steps that you need to follow to board a flight for your group members:

  1. Browse their official website to begin the process.
  2. Hover over the 'Book' tab and click on 'Book a Flight'.
  3. You will view a form under the 'Create a Trip' section.
  4. Select the '10+ passengers' option to continue.
  5. Tap on 'Request Code' in 'Request a Group Booking Quote'.
  6. Fill in your details in the provided box.

How are group members assigned on British Airways?

The group members are assigned and prioritized on the basis of their club membership. Your seat management totally depends on which 'Priority Group' you belong to. You can read further to inquire about what group you are a part of.

What is the benefit of a group ticket on a flight with British Airways?

If you are booking a flight for a group of people, you can avail of different British Airways group travel benefits. Here are the following advantages that you will get if you are flying with a group of people, and it will enhance your flight experience immensely:

Special Attention:- You will be provided with a dedicated team which will look after you personally.
Deposit Flexibility:- British Airways asks for a small amount of deposit for each of your members.
Free Modification:- In case you want to change the name of your group member, you can do it free of cost.

Can you get a discount for flying in a group with British Airways?

Generally, this airline provides the option of British Airways group booking discount and offers in most of their flights. You need to verify it with their technical team representatives and how much discount you can avail depending on your club.

Are flights cheaper if you book as a group on British Airways?

Flights are comparatively cheaper if you are booking it on a group basis. British Airways provide special facilities if you are traveling with a lot of people. For e.g., in-flight meal requests, seat arrangements, how to check-in easily, etc.

What does group mean on British Airways boarding pass?

British Airways introduced a group boarding system to simplify boarding, reduce gate congestion and make things easier for you. If you are traveling with 10 or more people in the Economy class (World Traveller) or there are 7 or more people with you in the Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus) or Business Class (Club World). Infants under the age of 2 years will not be counted as a members in their view. 

What are the boarding groups for British Airways?

British Airways classifies the group boardings into different sections, depending on the kind of membership. You will be given priority according to that; here's how you can find out which section you belong to:

Priority Group 1:- This belongs to First, Executive Club Gold Members and Oneworld Emerald Members.

Priority Group 2:- All Business (Club World), Executive Club Silver Members, and oneworld Sapphire Members are a part of this group.

Priority Group 3:- It includes Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus), Executive Club Bronze Members, and Oneworld Ruby Members.

Group 4-9:- The Economy (World Traveller) are placed in here according to their seat numbers.