Is it possible to cancel Air Canada ticket?

Air Canada understands that flyers require flexibility with their booking so that they can worry-free make the travel plans and ask for the cancellation if needed. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, if you cannot take the flight you have reserved, it is possible to cancel Air Canada flight booking at any time. However, the cancellation option has certain conditions that depend on the fare regulation of the flight tickets you have reserved with Air Canada. 

How can I cancel my Air Canada flight reservation?

The reservations made with Air Canada can be canceled using multiple options. Each of the available options has been briefed here for your reference:

By Website 

One can cancel Air Canada flight online by accessing their trip details on the official website. A simple procedure for canceling your ticket online is as follows:

  • Open the Air Canada homepage and select the “My Bookings” table,
  • Now, you can find your trip details with by entering the Booking Reference and Last Name,
  • Once your flight reservation loads on the site, you can select it and opt for the “Cancel my flight” option,
  • You should choose the valid reason for ticket cancellation and attach the needed details,
  • Pay the fee that Air Canada has imposed, and your ticket will be canceled immediately. 

By Help Desk

The help desk assistance can be grabbed at Air Canada for the requirement of ticket cancellation. If you need direct assistance from an executive, you can call the help desk at 1 (888) 247-2262. Once you have joined the call with a live executive, share your reservation details and request to cancel Air Canada flight ticket. The executive must attain a few pieces of information from you and will cancel in a minute.  

At Airport Counter 

One can directly visit the available counter at the airport for requesting the cancellation of their reserved Air Canada flight ticket if necessary. The airport representative will guide you with your requirements and confirm the flight cancellation by acquiring the appropriate reservation details. 

What is Air Canada cancellation policy?

The person who would like to familiarize themself with the Air Canada flight cancellation policy can read the following points:

  1. Cancellation of refundable and non-refundable flights is applicable at Air Canada, but no award flights could be requested for the ticket cancellation. 
  2. The cancellation fee must be paid to Air Canada to complete the ticket cancellation process. 
  3. Air Canada may cancel a flight anytime but will offer a free reschedule of the same flight or a full refund of your ticket. 
  4. When a ticket was reserved from a third party, the same should be contacted for the ticket cancellation. 

How much does it cost to cancel an Air Canada flight?

The cost of canceling your Air Canada flight ticket will depend on the fare type and the cause of cancellation. If you cancel your ticket due to a delay in boarding and flight rescheduling, you will not have to bear any cost. In case you are wondering what to do if Air Canada cancelled my flight, you will be allowed to get a fare refund or the flight rescheduled without an additional cost. 

The cancellation fee at Air Canada falls between $5 and $175. There are numerous factors of the flight ticket that decide your cancellation cost. 

Can I cancel my Air Canada ticket within 24 hours?

Yes, you are permitted to cancel Air Canada flight 24 hours of the reservation as long as the flight has not departed from the airport. Once the flight departs, the airline automatically cancels your ticket and forfeits the paid amount. 

Does Air Canada have $150 cancellation fee?

Yes, Air Canad charges $150 on average as a cancellation fee for the flight ticket. This Air Canada flight cancellation fee can vary according to your fare type and the time of cancellation from the booking period. 

How can I cancel my Air Canada flight without cancellation fee?

The mandatory condition for canceling an Air Canada flight without a cancellation fee is to make the ticket cancellation under 24 hours of the reservation period. It is also applicable that the ticket should have been purchased a minimum of 7 days before the date of the flight schedule. 

How long do you have to cancel an Air Canada refundable flight?

A refundable flight ticket at Air Canada can be canceled within 40 minutes of the boarding time from the point of ticket reservation. 

What are valid reasons to cancel an Air Canada flight and get a refund?

The valid reasons for canceling an Air Canada flight and getting a refund are as follows:

  1. Air Canada has delayed the original boarding time of the flight for longer than 3 hours. 
  2. The booked flight has been rescheduled for another date. 
  3. The passenger is facing some medical emergency and cannot attempt to fly. 
  4. The ticket cancellation is valid due to natural calamities. 
  5. The delay in the connecting flight resulted in flight cancellation.