How can I cancel my Star Air flight online?

When you purchased a flight ticket with Star Air, and for some reason, you may not be able to board the flight, you must cancel your booking. If you like to cancel Star Air flight online, the canceling procedure is mentioned below:

  • Open the Star Air website on your device,
  • Next, hop to the "Manage Booking" section on the site,
  • Add your booking code and last name on the suitable box,
  • Then tap the search icon, and your Star Air booking will appear on the new page,
  • Now you have to navigate the "Cancel Flight" option,
  • After taping the option, a dialogue box will open on the screen,
  • You can tick the reason for canceling your flight,
  • Next, it may ask to pay the cancellation fee at Star Air and the cancellation will be completed. 

Star Air flight cancellation policy

Before canceling the ticket, if you are thinking of going through with the star air cancellation policy once to learn about the terms and conditions, the policies are stated down here:

  1. The Star Air cancellation could be requested directly from the airlines if only the booking was not made by a third party or an agent.
  2. Flight cancellation in a 24-hour time frame is free of charge at Star Air. 
  3. A flight cancellation exceeding 24 hours time frame will be charged as per the fare type and flight destination. 
  4. When a flight cancellation is made by the airline due to technical errors, then also no cancellation fee will be permitted, and a full fare refund will be offered to the passengers. 
  5. When a passenger cancels the booking due to a long delay in the scheduled boarding time, the cancellation can be made free of cost, and a full refund can be applied at Star Air. 

How much amount is deducted on the cancellation of a Star Air flight?

The amount deduction on canceling a Star Air flight depends on the time of the cancellation from the scheduled departure time. Here the Star Air cancellation charges are listed as per the time of cancellation:

  • If the flight is canceled 2 hours prior to the scheduled time, then the whole fare amount will be forfeited.
  • If the cancellation is made between 2 to 72 hours after the flight is scheduled, then the charges will be around $36.54 USD to $42.63 USD.
  • The cancellation is made before 72 hours of boarding time; then, the charges are between $30.45 USD to $36.54 USD. 

How do I contact Star Air to cancel a flight?

If you are thinking of contacting Star Air to request the cancellation of your booking, then you need to make a call to customer service. Here are the steps mentioned that you could consider for canceling the ticket by contacting an executive:

  1. You need to place the call on the phone number: 91 997 055 5111,
  2. Then pick the required option for connecting with an executive from the IVR,
  3. Next, your call will be forwarded to an available executive, 
  4. Now make your request to cancel the Star Air flight,
  5. The executive will take your reserved flight info and other necessary details,
  6. Then pay the cancellation charge if asked,
  7. And your Star Air flight ticket will be canceled successfully by Star Air. 

How can I cancel a Star Air flight without paying?

You need to cancel your Star Airlines ticket within 24 hours of booking if you wish not to pay any charges for the cancellation at the airline. It also must be purchased at least seven days prior to the boarding date in order to take advantage of free cancellation. 

Is there a time limit to cancel a Star Air flight?

Yes, you must cancel your booking at Star Air 2 hours prior to the scheduled time. Otherwise, the fare will be forfeited. 

How many hours before a Star Air flight ticket can be Cancelled?

Star Air flight cancellation is permitted till 2 hours prior to the boarding time of the flight. So, a flight ticket holder must request the cancellation of the flight 2 hours before the flight takes off time. After that, no cancellation will be allowed, and you won't be able to apply for a refund of the booking at Star Air. 

Can I get a full refund if I cancel a flight within 24 hours?

Yes, a full refund is permitted to those who cancel their flight ticket within 24 hours of the booking, according to the Star Air cancellation refund policy. After canceling the ticket, you can immediately request the refund online or by contacting an executive on the call, and the refund will be processed within seven days of request.