Can I cancel a flight with Turkish Airlines online?

Sometime it seens that perople are not able to travel with Turkish Airlines due to some problem or sudden plan changes. In this case you are requesting to cancel your flight reservation under the imposed policies and get a refund. The person who wants to cancel Turkish Airlines flight online, use the official website. Follow the steps below to cancel your booking with ease:

  • First, open the Turkish Airlines site and shift to the Check-In/Manage Booking window,
  • You will need to put your Reservation Code and Surname in the available columns,
  • Next, access your flight booking by clicking the Search option,
  • As the details load on the new page, you can navigate the option of flight cancelation,
  • You might be asked to choose a suitable reason for flight cancellation,
  • Provide the necessary details and complete the payment of the applicable fee,
  • Once the payment is completed, the Turkish Airlines flight will be canceled, and a notification will be shared with you. 

Other methods to cancel a Turkish Airlines flight

Based on the convenience of the customers, there are more methods than online channels to cancel Turkish Airlines reservation. One can reach out to the airport to make a request or contact the call center at Turkish Airlines. These methods are explained in detail for your reference here:

Cancellation at Airport

One has to visit the ticket counter/help desk at the designated airport to request a flight cancellation as per the requirement. The available agent will obtain the mandate information from you, such as the ticket reference number, passenger name, payment, and personal details for acquiring the reservation with Turkish Airlines. Further, by paying the required fee, your flight cancellation will be done immediately at the airport. 

Cancellation at the call center

It is not mandatory to contact an agent at the airport personally for a flight cancellation. One can get through to the call center of Turkish Airlines as well and request for the same. You must call this number: (800)-874-8875, and in a moment, you will be connected with a live agent. Ask to cancel Turkish Airline ticket, stating the reservation number and last name. The agent will ask for some additional details from you and will make the cancellation within some moment. 

Does Turkish Airlines have a free cancellation policy?

Yes, there is a free cancellation policy that has been presented by Turkish Airlines. Any person wanting to cancel their ticket for no charges has to request the cancellation within 24 hours of the reservation time of the ticket. This policy will be imposed when you have booked your flight at least 7 days in advance. The free cancellation policy does not apply to award flight tickets and tickets booked with Miles&Smiles at Turkish Airlines.

How much does it cost to cancel flight Turkish Airlines?

The cost of flight cancellation majorly depends on the ticket fare conditionst, reservation tim, and cancelation time. On all of these factors, the Turkish Airlines cancellation fee is calculated. Generally, the fee to cancel a flight falls between USD 35 and USD 100. 

Does Turkish Airlines have free cancelation?

Yes, Turkish Airlines does offer free cancellation to their customers, but this comes with certain conditions. Below, you can check the essential points to be eligible to cancel your Turkish Airlines flight ticket free of charge:

  • The reservation should have been requested to be canceled under the grace period of 24 hours. 
  • When the flight’s boarding has been delayed for necessary conditions for more than 3 hours, Turkish Airlines allows the ticket holders to cancel the ticket without an additional fee. 

Can I cancel a Turkish Airlines flight within 24 hours?

It is understandable that any person can require the flight cancellation within 24 hours of completing the booking. A person is permitted to cancel Turkish Airlines within 24 hours for any emergency or personal reasons.

In case you are not able to cancel your ticket within 24 hours, the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy you will have to refer to is mentioned below:

  1. An additional cost will be imposed on the flight tickets that are requested to be canceled after 24 hours of reservation. 
  2. The basic fares on Turkish Airlines do not allow for a ticket cancellation if it exceeds the 24-hour time frame. 
  3. The refund will also be partially offered to the person who chooses to cancel the ticket after 24 hours of reservation at Turkish Airlines.