Change a flight with British Airways, Reschedule Policy and Fee

Yes, you can easily change a British Airways flight which you once booked. You have to consult the customer service of British Airways and explain your valid reason to the agent. The agent will help you in getting your flight changed according to your suitable date or destination. You can change british airways flight by two methods. The first is the online method, and the second is the offline method. Both of the methods are discussed in detail below: 

Online method to change British Airways flight 

Want to make any changes to your existing flight ticket. You can change a BA flight online whether you want to change your name, date or flight. This is as simple as you booked your flight ticket. Follow the online steps mentioned below to get your existing flight changed: 

  • Go to the original website of British Airways
  • Here, you will see many options displayed on the screen.
  • Find out the button of Manage Booking. 
  • Hit this button; a box will open asking for information about the flight. 
  • In the information box, insert your PNR number with the passenger's name. 
  • Search for the tab Find my flight. 
  • The information about flight will appear on the screen. 
  • You can make changes now to your existing ticket. 

Other ways to change British Airways flight 

Through a phone call: You can communicate with the customer service of British Airways if you need to change your scheduled flight. Dial the customer service help number 1 (800) 247-9297 and describe your reasons to the agent. The agent will ask for your PNR number and the passenger's last name. Firstly, the agent will cancel your ticket and then will book a new one as per your criteria. You might be eligible for the extra payment of the ticket.

Visiting the ticket changing counter at the airport: This can be done when you are present at airport and you have to change your flight. You can contact the ticket counter and inform the officers about your situation. The agent will help you in this situation to make a change. The agent will require the confirmation number and surname of the passengers to change your flight. 

What is British Airways change policy? 

  • Tickets changed by passengers under 24 hours of Booking the ticket will be no additional charges. 
  • British Airways offers the facilities to change the flight on the same day the flight is scheduled. 
  • You must keep your destination the same while booking a new ticket. It should be similar to the previous ticket. 
  • By using online, offline, or mobile applications you already check in, you will not be able to book the flight whose departure is before your scheduled flight. 
  • Changing the flight to a same-day facility is only applicable for tickets for a short duration. 

How much does it cost to change British Airways flight? 

If you are changing your British Airways flight within 24 hours of reserving the ticket, then you are not eligible to pay any additional charge. The passengers will pay an extra $130 if they change their booked flight within 14 days of the scheduled flight. Your price will also depend on the modification of the ticket. Suppose you change your flight from expensive to cheap. Then according to british airways change flight cost, the airways will pay you the remaining amount. And if you book a cheap fare that is too expensive, then the extra charges will be paid by the passengers to the Airlines.