How can I easily change my flight date in Air India?

When you book your flight ticket on Air India's official website, you get a facility to manage your Booking easily. Hence, if you want to change the flight date in Air India, you can go to Manage Booking and enter the booking details to check them efficiently. When you manage your Booking, you will change your flight date, select your favorite seat, check the refund status, upgrade your flight, etc. But if you are curious about changing your flight date, go through the steps online or to the airport below.

Change flight online (via manage booking):

When you complete your Booking online with Air India, you can modify your flight soon. But if you face any trouble to do so, you must go through the easy steps below.

  1. First, visit the official website of Air India, select the Book & Manage option, and choose Manage Booking from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter the booking reference number and last name into the required fields and click the submit button to view your booking details.
  3. Select the date that you want to change and click on the new available date that you can choose to reschedule your flight soon.
  4. Enter the passenger and contact details after checking the confirmed destinations, and review your Booking to make payment easily.  

Change your Air India flight at the airport:

You will quickly get the facility to change the Air India ticket date at the airport during check-in time. You must reach the airport within 3 hours to 30 minutes and show your valid documents to the travel agent to request to modify your flight soon. 

Air India flight reschedule policy

When you wish to reschedule your flight and change flight online for any reason but are having trouble, you must be aware of the Air India reschedule flight policy. You must go through the points mentioned below to avoid doubts and frustration.

  • If you start rescheduling your flight within 72 hours of the Booking, you can change your flight date and get the next available flight you reschedule without paying any charges. 
  • Air India enables you to change your flight date by the customer within 28 hours before your flight departure time and pay the charges depending on the fare type, route, and booking date.
  • If you travel with Comfort Fare, reschedule your flight within 72 hours without penalty, but if you have purchased Flex Fare, change your flight at no cost at any time, but the difference charges will be applied.
  • When your flight is delayed more than three hours and it is expected to cancel for any reason, you get a facility to reschedule your flight without paying any charges. Still, if you refuse to travel, cancel your flight to get a full refund soon. 

How much does it cost to reschedule an Air India flight?

When rescheduling your flight in Economy or Comfort Class, you will be asked to pay the Air India flight rescheduled cost of around INR 3000 per passenger. Further, when traveling in Business or Comfort Plus Class, pay around INR 2500 per passenger. The price could vary depending on the fare type and destination, which you must check when rescheduling your flight. 

How can I reschedule my Air India flight without penalty?

The airline provides a facility to reschedule your flight ticket for the first time without penalty. In addition, if you consider rescheduling an Air India flight free, you must initiate this process within 72 hours of the booking, and you will get permission to change your flight soon. 

Is rescheduling free for Air India?

Yes, you can reschedule your flight free for one time, but after that, you have to pay charges depending on the terms and conditions that you must follow spontaneously. 

How can I contact Air India customer service to change my flight?

If you wish to change Air India flights and don't know what to do, contact the Air India customer service team quickly. You must dial 0124 264 1407 and share your queries to get the answer soon. 

How many times can we change the Air India flight date?

You can change your flight several times but must pay the difference in the charges that you find accordingly.