Can you change your flight on Air France?

Yes, you can change your Air France flight in several ways, but the best way to change your Air France flight date is online, which is a web-based support that will be easier and more accessible from your preferred system. Follow the flight change process mentioned below, which has been explained in bullet points for better clarification.

Steps to change Air France flight online

  1. You can visit the official website of Air France.
  2. After that, click on the log-in page and sign up with the credential.
  3. Now go to the manage booking tab and enter your booking details.
  4. Enter the booking reference number and last name, and click on continue.
  5. Following that, the page will show you your booking details; under that, hit on the flight change button.
  6. You are all set to change the flight details and click on the confirm button, pay the flight change fees (if any) then get the updated flight ticket for your registered details. 

How much does it cost to rebook a flight with Air France?

Once you have changed the flight then, you need to pay the Air France change flight fee, which depends on the type of flight you have booked or the routes you have taken for your new journey. The fees may also depend upon the location from which you have changed the flight because of fare differences and service charges may vary from location to location. You need to pay the fees through different modes of payment gateways and clear your rebooking process. 

What is Air France's flight change policy?

According to the policy, if you change your flight within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket, then you do not need to pay the flight change fees on the other hand if you edit your flight after 24 hours of reserving the ticket, then you need to pay the flight change fees, but you need to pay the fare in difference. 

If you changed the flight to the costlier option then you need to pay the extra booking charge and if your new flight is cheaper then you will get the remaining fees in your registered payment details. 

Can you change your flight date with Air France?

You can change your Air France ticket date at the airport with the help of a live person. You need to visit the airport, step toward the airline counter, and connect with the staff. The staff will connect you with the personnel who will help you change your flight. You just have to provide your details to the airways team, and the team will verify it. Then, you can change the flight by choosing an alternate flight that is convenient for you. If the flight is slightly costlier, then you need to pay the extra fees as well as the service charge.

How do I contact Air France for a flight change?

You can get in touch with the airline customer service team to reschedule an Air France flight through a toll-free number, 800-237-2747, which can be dialed from any location. After dialing the number, you will follow the instructions and then connect with the customer service executive, who will ask for your booking details. You need to provide that so that the respective person will let you know regarding the available flights. From there, you can change the flight to a different booking option and pay the price. The ticket will be dropped off at your registered address.