Air travel is considered one of the most convenient and quickest travel options. If you need to change the flight booking, you can do it anytime using online and offline options. The article below will discuss the details. If you are looking for such information, take a look to stay upgraded. 

Is it possible to change the flight date?

Yes! You can change the flight ticket date in case the original plan changes. There are several methods to change the ticket; based on the mode from which the ticket is purchased, you can change the flight ticket date. Here are the options given; go through them to know the process: 

Chang flight ticket online: It is the simplest and quickest method to make changes in booking. If you book the ticket directly from your airline, you can use this option, and it's free. If you are not sure how to change your flight date online, follow the steps:

  • Go to the official website of the airline first 
  • There you can log in to your account to access bookings
  • Else look for the manage booking/ my trip section to get booking details 
  • Enter the confirmation number/ booking code/ booking reference number and surname, access details 
  • Select the ticket you need to change, and click on 'Edit Reservation.' 
  • Now select the new date for your booking, save and confirm it 
  • Follow the direction, and you will receive a confirmation email for the new booking soon.

Change flight ticket over the phone: You can also contact the airline's agent to change the flight over the phone. The process is quite simple( listed below) but might require you to pay additional administrative charges: 

  1. Dial the Reservation number of your airlines 
  2. Choose the preferred language to communicate, follow running IVR 
  3. Speak to the agent once connected, and share the flight change request
  4. Provide the booking details and the new date for the booking
  5. The airline's agent will check the availability, and if possible, they will make the changes 
  6. Make sure you receive the confirmation email after the modifications are done  

Change flight ticket at the airport: It is one of the traditional ways to change your flight date. You can use this option if you are uncomfortable with online options or wish to avoid talking to airline agents. To change the flight date at the airport, go to the airport ticket counter first. Speak to the agent and ask them if you want to change the flight date. Provide the details they ask and based on the availability, they will change the flight for you. 

Airlines flight reschedule policy

When you change the flight date, based on your fare conditions, you might need to pay certain charges. However, most airlines allow you to make the changes for free if you do it within 24 hours of booking, and the ticket is purchased seven days before departure. 

The 24-hour cancellation policy is applicable to all ticket types, irrespective of their fare rules. Cancellation fees based on ticket type, cancellation time, and other factors apply if you miss this time slot. 

What is the cost of rescheduling the flight?

The cost of rescheduling depends on various factors. If you reschedule a booking because of flight cancellation, then no cost applies. Whereas if you reschedule a flight voluntarily, you might need to pay a cost based on fare condition and cancellation time. The flight reschedule costs vary from $ 100 to $400 based on various situations.