Is it easy to change flights on KLM?

Yes, KLM offers a seamless flight-changing experience to their customers. If your travel plan changes, then you are allowed to reschedule your reservation with new traveling dates, classes or services, traveling destinations, and others. Your flight alteration can easily be done in different ways.

How to change a KLM flight online?

KLM provides flight alteration through an online process. Here, you just need to follow several steps, and with a few clicks, you will be able to change your KLM flight online according to your type of class, destination, traveling dates, and more.

  • Visit the KLM official web portal and then go to the My Trips tab.
  • You will find options to choose from either by logging in to your account or with booking details.
  • After that, choose your flight to alter.
  • You will see a flight modification option; tap on it to modify it. 
  • Later, choose your next travel date, destination, and time.
  • Now as per the changes, you have to pay the fare differences. 
  • After paying the fare difference, your new flight itinerary will be generated.
  • Your online flight change has been completed.

KLM Flight Reschedule Policy

  1. In case your check-in has already been done, then kindly cancel your check-in first and then move to alter your flight.
  2. If your flight has extra options reserved, like a seat or meal, then it will be booked the same for the next one. The fare price could be higher or lower based on your modification. You can cancel these extras, and you will get a voucher with the remaining balance; otherwise, you will be paying for them.
  3. The flight change cost depends on your new route, travel dates, class, and ticket type.
  4. In case your newly changed flight has a lower fare difference than the price you have paid then you will get a voucher for the remaining balance amount.
  5. You can reach KLM Customer Service in case you require any further assistance or guidance regarding the KLM flight change process.
  6. Your previously booked ticket will be canceled automatically when you rebook your flight.

How much does it cost to change flights on KLM?

According to the KLM flight change fee rules, if you have made any modification in your flight’s dates and destination or class and fare type, you would be charged with a fare difference only if you have made the changes within the risk-free period. Normally, you would cost around $200 as an administration fee plus the fare difference for all the international reserved flights. For domestic or European flights, the flight change modification charge would be nearly $75 plus the fare difference.

How many times can you change a flight with KLM?

According to the rules, if you have made any modification to your KLM flight itinerary and due to some avoidable scenarios, you are required to make the changes again then you are allowed to alter your flight. You are allowed to reschedule a flight on KLM up to three times but for every time, you would be charged a change fee along with the fare difference amount. 

How to change a KLM flight without a fee?

A Passenger can easily change KLM flights without a fee. If you need to make changes for free, then you are allowed to make modifications only in the first 24 hours after the reservation. You can easily make the changes by going to the managed booking portal.

Can I change my flight date after booking on KLM?

Yes, if you have made your bookings and now you want to change the KLM flight ticket date, then it can easily be done by going to the MY TRIPs section and following the online procedure.