How can I change a passenger's name on a DELTA ticket?

After making the reservation with Delta Airlines, you have noticed some mistakes in your name that need to be corrected. If you do not do that, you may encounter future issues. It is simple to change the name, but before that, you need to be fully aware of its medium, procedure, terms, and conditions. Delta Airlines provides numerous ways to change the name on the ticket. We will discuss the methods to change passenger names on plane ticket in detail in the para mentioned below.

Change the name on Delta Airlines via the online process:

You can use the online process to change your name. This medium is one of the easy and effective ways. To change the name on your Delta ticket online, you need to go through the procedure described below:

  • Go to the Delta Airlines official website.
  • On the homepage, you will get the My Trip option. Tap on that.
  • Enter your ticket number and the last and first name of the passenger in the given sections. Click on the continue option.
  • The details of the flights will be shown on your screen. 
  • Now you can correct the misspelled name up to three characters.
  • Once you change the name, the airline will send you the verification message in your email.

Change the name at the airport:

You can change the name at the airport. You need to submit the identification proof, a copy of the passport, government-approved identity, the ticket, and other required documents at the help desk. The customer service representative will change the name and provide you with a new ticket. 

Use the calling process to change the name:

You can use the phone call process to change the name on Delta Airlines. You need to dial 1 800 221 1212, the customer support number. After making the call, you need to obey the directions given below:

  1. Once the call gets connected, you will hear an automated voice from the computer.
  2. It will assist you with the steps, and you need to follow it.
  3. After completing the procedure, you receive over the phone, the call will be forwarded to the customer service agent.
  4. They will aid you regarding your concerns.

How much does it cost to change the name on a DELTA plane ticket?

If you change the name on Delta Airlines, you must pay the charges for it. Delta name change fee depends on the ticket type, destination, and class. You need to spend at least 30 to 50 dollars as a name change fee.

Delta Airlines name change policy:

The airline has set some name-change guidelines for the passengers so that they do not face any trouble during their journey. Delta's name change policy is provided below:

  1. The passenger can change up to three characters of their name. If you need to change more than three, then the airline will charge the fees.
  2. If the passenger gets divorced, then for the name change, they need to submit the divorce certificate.
  3. If the name change has been done once but needs to be corrected again, then the airline reissues the ticket to the passenger.

How can I change my name on a DELTA flight ticket for free?

In Delta Airlines, for minor changes in the name, they will not charge any fees, or the passenger who has purchased the premium membership of the airline can use the miles points for the name change.

Can I change my last name on Delta flight?

Yes, you can change the last name on Delta Airlines, and if you need help with it, then you can also contact the customer service representative. They will give you guidance about the process, mediums, terms and conditions. 

Can you change the name on the Delta airline ticket after marriage?

If you got married and want to change your name on Delta Airlines, please submit the marriage certificate at the help desk according to Delta name change after marriage. The airline also permits some minor changes as well, such as middle name.

Can I change my DELTA ticket to another person?

Ticket transfer is not applicable on Delta Airlines. When you book a flight ticket with Delta Airlines, you must carefully read the rules and conditions provided at the bottom of the page. 


With the aid of the methods mentioned above, you can change your name at Delta Airlines. You can contact the representative for additional help.