How can I change the passenger's name on an Avianca flight ticket?

Avianca does not allow ticket holders to change names on issued tickets; however, errors in the passenger name can be corrected if necessary. The passenger's name must match their travel document, so, in any case, if you have entered the name incorrectly or for other reasons, you can change the name on the Avianca plane ticket. Now, learn about the possible ways to correct or change the name on the airline ticket and name correction policy.

Avianca name correction policy

Before requesting the name change, you must be familiar with the Avianca name correction policy. For your consideration, the policies are outlined below:

  • The swapping of passenger names on the Avianca flight ticket will not be entertained in any circumstance. 
  • The name-correct request must be made at Avianca 72 hours before the flight's timing and not after that. 
  • One has to contact the same party for a name correction if the ticket is not bought from Avianca Airlines directly.
  • Correction of 3 to 4 characters on the first and last name is permitted. 
  • During the name correction request at Avianca, the person must share the needed travel document copies for verification. 
  • A name change fee is allotted by Avianca Airlines on certain conditions, like changing full name due to marriage or divorce. 

Methods to change the name on Avianca flight ticket

Method 1: Via the website

At Avianca Airlines, individuals can use the official website to correct the name on the reserved ticket. If you seek the detailed method, you can refer to the below steps:

  1. Visit the Avianca webpage(www.avianca.com) on your device.
  2. From the "Your Booking" tab, you have to choose the option of "Manage Your Booking"
  3. Now, on the new page, you have to select the "Name Correction" box,
  4. On the forwarded page, you must add the ticket number and issued name to retrieve the booking,
  5. Further, you can select the "Edit passenger's name" option,
  6. Add a valid travel document to the page,
  7. Then tap the Update key, and your name on the Avianca flight will be corrected.

Method 2: Via Call

A person can get through to an Avianca executive on the call before the flight's scheduled time and request for change of name on the ticket. To consider this method, you can pursue the following steps:

  • Call on the phone number: 1 (800) 284-2622,
  • Wait a minute, as an executive is available to assist you in the call,
  • After that, you must give the reference number of your reserved ticket, and then you can state the requirement for name correction,
  • The executive will ask for a valid travel document to match the name on your ticket,
  • There might be charges applied, and after completing that, your name on the issued ticket at Avianca will be completed. 

How much does it cost to change an Avianca flight ticket name?

The minor changes in the passenger's name and the name correction do not consist of an Avianca name change fee. However, if the last name has to be changed as someone has legally changed the name due to marriage or divorce, then the cost will be around 150 USD per passenger.