Does BA allow name changes?

Yes, British Airways provides the scope for changing the name on flight tickets, which usually must pertain to minor modifications and spelling errors. However, you are not allowed to change the entire name under which the booking has been made. For the same, you would need to cancel the reservation made and book a new flight with the required passenger details. 

How do I change my spelling mistake on British Airways?

You could correct name mistakes on British Airways flight tickets in different ways, the details of which are stated below:

Initiating the name change online:

  • Visit the official website of British Airways.
  • Find the Manage Booking icon. 
  • Enter the credentials as being asked to retrieve the booking made. 
  • Scroll down to find the reservation and the menu list provided. 
  • Click on the name change form provided and fill it out as required. 
  • Submit the form with the authorized document of proof provided, along with the change fee charged. 
  • The team with the airline would process the request made and make the necessary changes. 
  • A mail of confirmation will be shared from the team shortly. 

Placing a call to the British Airways Agent:

The team with the airline can be connected by calling 1-800-247-9297, where the customer service team would get in touch to help with the assistance required in the name change. Once you connect on call, the representative from the team will ask for the correction that needs to be made. Additional charges can be applied for the same, and you would be required to submit the documentation that supports your claim. Once it is verified, the minor correction will be done. 

How much does it cost to change the name on a British Airways ticket?

The British Airways name change fee usually ranges between 30 USD to 100 USD, which can invariably differ based on the situation and circumstances that have arisen. 

British Airways Name change policy

  1. The Airways allows you to make minor corrections and modifications in the name, where the entire name change with the airline is not possible under any existing conditions of reservation made. 
  2. The name change request is possible up to 3 characters, which can only be initiated through a call with the airline and connecting with the representative. An administration fee would be levied for the same. 
  3. You would not be allowed to make the corrections in the name where there are less than 24 hours before the departure of the flight scheduled. 
  4. In conditions of name change about marriage, divorce, or adoption, airways allows you to make the necessary modification once you submit the legalized documentation for the same. The team would verify the same and make the approval for the modification in the name required. 
  5. The complete change of name with the airways is only possible through cancellation and rebooking. There would be no cost charged for the same if it is initiated within the 24-hour cancellation period.