How can I change the name on the Air Asia ticket?

Air Asia allows you to choose from an exclusive range of travel packages for your destination. You can check the travel prices online at their website and make the reservation. When you book the flight travel, you sometimes add the incorrect passenger name for your journey. Air Asia understands the situation and allows you to make the changes online or with the customer service team. You will enjoy the hassle-free journey by making the changes before the scheduled departure. For this, you can check the below details to change the passenger name in the Air Asia ticket according to the rules and regulations. 

Steps to change the passenger name on the Air Asia ticket online:

  1. Firstly, you must get the Air Asia official website on your device.
  2. After that, you can select the manage booking handle from the website. 
  3. You need to provide the reservation code and the lead passenger's surname.
  4. Once you select the search tab, you will see the booking with Air Asia.
  5. From that, you can choose the preferred flight you need to change the name.
  6. You can select the drop-down list and tap on the Air Asia domestic name change tab.
  7. With this, you will obtain the list of passenger names that will fly in the given reservation.
  8. There, you can modify the name and tap on the continue button.
  9. You must attach the relevant government ID proof and proceed further.
  10. At last, you must make the payment and complete the process for your changes.
  11. Air Asia will send you the confirmation message and the updated e-ticket at your registered email ID. 

Besides the above steps, you can also connect with someone at the customer service. They will help you with the information to change the name on the Air Asia ticket for your destination. You need to dial the contact number at +886277283080 and listen to the automated voice commands. Your phone will be connected to the experts to share the relevant problems. 

Air Asia name change policy:

If you want to modify the name, you must know the relevant rules and restrictions. Following are some points of the Air Asia name change policy for your destination. 

  • You can change the passenger's name within 24 hours of the purchase. If you want to come under this rule, you must have made the reservation seven days prior to the scheduled departure. 
  • The name change is allowed once per passenger for the flight ticket.
  • If you change the name to Air Asia after 24 hours, you must pay fees that will depend according to the number of changes and the travel destination. 
  • You can change the three characters and the last name of the passenger. 
  • If the female passenger will be hitched, they can change the last name according to the marriage certificate. 
  • The name change will only be permitted if it matches the government-approved ID proof. 

How much does it cost to change passenger details on an Air Asia flight?

The passenger's details can be changed online by paying the fees according to the destination and the number of changes. Therefore the Air Asia name change fee will vary between $25 to $400, which you need to pay.