How do I fix a misspelled name on the JetBlue ticket?

Suppose you have mentioned the wrong name credentials while booking a JetBlue flight ticket. Then, passengers have been permitted the proper ways to change misspelled names on JetBlue tickets because ticket modifications are allowed before scheduled departure 24 hours, so to learn the appropriate ways that enable you to modify online and airport names, go by the below passage.

Method: 1 Online steps to change the misspelled name:

  • First, visit the JetBlue Airline official site and log in account. 
  • Go to the manage booking section and retrieve the ticket by mentioning your surname and booking reference code.
  • Now, you need to click on the ticket modify option. 
  • Head to change name option and proceed with name change preferences 
  • Once complete, you may have to pay a name change fee. 
  • Next, you go over the submit button, and your changes get processed. As soon as it is complete you receive an email.

Method: 2 Change Name at Airport: 

Yes, passengers are permitted the option to change their name on their Jetblue tickets because sometimes the online process might get stuck or you won't get the best help. However, at the airport, change passengers must arrive 2-4 hours before scheduled departure and you will retain the best assistance.

How much does it cost to change the name on a JetBlue plane ticket?

Passengers, in case they want to change their names, then as per the name change policy, you have incurred a JetBlue Airlines name change fee, which might be based on the changes to your preferences. The name change fee is around $125 within 24 hours of purchase or else it would be $275 for other factors. 

JetBlue Airlines name correction policy: 

In circumstances like name change, few JetBlue name correction policies apply according to ticket changes you wish to make for the JetBlue itinerary.

  • According to the change name policy at JetBlue ticket is permissible only with three letters.
  • Similarly, a complete ticket name change isn't possible at JetBlue Airline.
  • For both refundable and nonrefundable tickets name change is possible, but you might have to pay the fare difference if any
  • Note at the time of ticket name change, passengers have to provide government-issued ID proofs for the verifications. 

Can I change the name of a passenger on JetBlue?

Yes, passengers are permitted to call a Jetblue representative for a name change because sometimes online change of name isn't possible, and you can discuss with the agent for the best help.

  1. Dial JetBlue customer service phone number 1-800-538-2583
  2. Now, you have to move on with the IVR, and first, you need to choose a language. 
  3. Then select the command for name change and enter the booking reference code. 
  4. After which, press the option that transfers your call directly to a live person 
  5. Next, on your behalf, a representative will make the necessary changes to your name, and you will receive an email for payment, if any. 
  6. After the changes and payment is done, you will receive a confirmation email.

Can you transfer JetBlue tickets to another person?

No, passengers aren't given the option for ticket transferability to another person. Besides this, you are permitted to use your reward points or miles to buy tickets for others. But, if you have a query with JetBlue to change a passenger name, then in such a circumstance, you can use online and offline steps, which are pretty permissible options for travelers. 

Is a name change possible on the booked JetBlue ticket?

Yes, passengers are given the option of changing name credentials to their booked reservations online and offline. Although you may incur an administration fee or more charges as per your name change preferences.