Can I change the name on an Air Canada plane ticket?

There can be instances where you have booked a ticket with an incorrect name on the concerned airlines. You need not worry because they allow you to change the Air Canada flight ticket name. Here, you will find the different ways to request their representatives to rectify the incorrect name in the ticket. Moreover, you will be provided with the name correction policy of the respective airlines and find answers to your frequently asked questions regarding the same.

How do I change my misspelled name on my Air Canada ticket?

Air Canada provides different platforms to their flyers for name correction in their reservation. Below are some of the most efficient ways discussed to change the misspelled names on Air Canada tickets. All the methods provide a 24-hour immediate service to its consumers, but you can select any of them based on your suitability.

Modify your name via the official website

If you prefer not to have any interference from Air Canada executives, you can also make necessary changes to your reservation. Their website allows you to execute the Air Canada name change on a ticket through an easy process. The website provides a structured interface, making it easier to manage the process. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of Air Canada to begin.
  • Tap on the 'My bookings' tab on the home screen.
  • Enter your details, such as booking reference, etc.
  • Press the 'Find' button to view your flight details.
  • Now, edit your bookings and modify your name.

Call the Air Canada helpline number and get support

You can take the assistance of Air Canada's technical team for the name correction process. This is a suitable method for those who need the help of an agent to process the name change. To get support from their team, call Air Canada Customer Service Number - 1 (888) 247-2262. Follow the instructions of the IVR to reach the agent who deals with the flight ticket modification procedure.  

Report your issue to the Air Canada helpdesk

The phone lines of Air Canada usually stay busy a lot due to the high amount of people trying to reach them every minute. If you are also facing the same issue or are unsatisfied with the customer service call assistance, you can visit their helpdesk. Their executives assist the flyers at the airport with all sorts of issues, including name changes. Ensure that you carry your flight details, request application, and other legal documents so that they can process your request quickly.

Learn about the Air Canada Airline name correction policy

Before requesting a name change, you should go through the Air Canada name correction policy to process your request efficiently and save yourself from the name correction fee, if possible. Here are a few policies of Air Canada regarding name change:

  1. You are allowed to make minor name changes free of cost.
  2. Major name corrections for legal matters, such as marriage, require a correction fee.
  3. Passengers are also required to provide supporting documents for major name modifications.
  4. Changes made within 24 hours of flight reservation do not need any fee payment.

How much does changing the name on an Air Canada ticket cost?

You must pay the Air Canada name change fee if you change your name after 24 hours of your ticket purchase. The cost varies from $60 to $200 because it depends on various factors like the fare type you purchased, the kind of name change you requested, etc. You may also receive an exemption in the fee if you are a frequent flyer program member.

Can I transfer an Air Canada ticket to another person?

No, you cannot transfer your Air Canada ticket to anyone else. The tickets issued by the concerned airlines are non-transferable, which means they should be used by the person whose name it has been issued, and if any amount remains unused after booking a new flight, it will be forfeited.

Is a middle name required on an Air Canada ticket?

Providing your middle name on your Air Canada flight ticket is not compulsory. It is only mandatory when the country you are flying from or to has the advanced passenger information provision. Due to this provision, you must provide complete information about your name, including the middle name, if applicable.