How can I change the passenger name on a Turkish flight ticket?

In case you have discovered some mistake in the passenger's name on your Turkish Airlines ticket, your first instinct would be to make a name correction, as the passenger's name must match the travel documents. For the Turkish Airlines name spelling mistake or other corrections, you must look for the ticket name change procedure that you can find here. 

Procedure for changing the name on your Turkish Airlines ticket

There are two different procedures that a person can follow for a name change on ticket based on their suitability. Both of the procedures are explained briefly in the following context:

Through Online 

The Turkish Airlines website offers the Name Correction option, which you will access once you find your travel details. Following are the online name change steps you need to follow:

  • Begin with browsing the Turkish Airlines webpage and select the "Managing Booking" window,
  • With your trip details, you can search for your booking,
  • On the next page, you have to navigate the "Passenger Info" option.
  • After that, opt for the "Name Correction" option,
  • You will be provided a column to make the correction and share the equivalent documents,
  • Pay a fee if required, and the name will be updated on your Turkish Airlines ticket. 

Through Call Center

Individuals who do not find the online procedure suitable can request the Turkish Airlines name correction by approaching an official at the help center. The official can make the needed corrections on your ticket by taking some necessary details. To connect at the call center of Turkish Airlines, you must use the following phone number: 1 (800) 874-8875. 

Turkish Airlines name correction policy

The airlines also impose a few terms and conditions for requesting name corrections on the flight tickets. To learn about that, you have to check out the Turkish Airlines name correction policy mentioned below:

  1. The option of name correction has a limitation of up to 4 characters for omission. 
  2. A small error on the passenger name can be modified free of cost. 
  3. A legal name change allows the flight ticket holder to request the full name change at Turkish Airlines by providing the documents. 
  4. The name of the flight ticket cannot be changed more than once.
  5. The ownership of the Turkish Airlines ticket cannot be transferred to another person. 
  6. A name correction from Turkish Airlines can only be requested when the ticket has been booked with them directly. 

How much does it cost to change a name on a Turkish plane ticket?

For most fare classes, a minor name correction on the flight ticket is permitted at zero cost. However, on average, the Turkish Airlines name change fee is $300, which is applicable based on your fare conditions and the flight class. 

How do I change my name on Miles and Smiles Turkish Airlines?

In case you have added an omitted or a different name on your Miles and Smiles Turkish Airlines account that does not match travel IDs, you can request to make the correction of the same. There is a feedback form available that you can fill out requesting the changes with the valid documents. 

Here are the key steps you should follow to change your name on Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles:

  1. Open the official site and scroll to the bottom,
  2. Extend the Help table to select the Feedback option,
  3. Choose the New Feedback option on the page,
  4. Next, you have to select the "Miles and Smiles" section to opt for the Name correction option,
  5. Add all the necessary details in the form,
  6. Attach a copy of your passport/legal name change document/driving license as suitable for you,
  7. Tap the Submit key to send the request to Turkish Airlines.