What is the cheapest day to book a Delta flight?

Are you looking forward to the cheapest day to buy Delta tickets? Well Delta Airlines is one of the favorite airlines among passengers traveling to or from the US. The Airlines offers the outstanding services at affordable prices although you can still save more by flying on the cheapest day. As per the online sources, Tuesday is considered the cheapest day to fly with Delta, and there are various reasons for it. Many airlines launch their sales on Tuesday and because of that the prices are quite low. For those who don't launch any sales, they are bound to decrease the price to remain in the competition. The other reason is Tuesday is the middle of the weekdays, which is less crossed as compared to the weekends. 

How to get a discount on Delta Airlines tickets? 

Apart from flying on the cheapest day, you can also get discount on Delta Airlines tickets. The airlines keeps on offering discounts on various occasions, and there are various ways through which you can save money. Here are some common options; take a look: 

Visit the website: This is the very first option you can try to get discounts at Delta. You can land on the official Delta website and look for the deal and discount page. There, you can see all the available discounts and use them to purchase the cheapest flight tickets, 

Book early: If you book in advance, around 3-4 months before the departure, the prices are quite reasonable, and you don't need any other discounts. It has been found that the tickets when booked early, are 20-30 % cheaper than the last-minute. 

Sign up newsletter: You can also sign up for the Newsletter of Delta on the website. It is free of cost, and the airline keeps on notifying you of the latest discounts and offers. 

Compare Tavel website: You must compare the ticket prices on various travel websites. Many travel websites offer discounts at a particular time, which are quite cheap. Comparing the website you will be able to book the cheapest price ticket.

Use Miles and promo codes: If you are a frequent flyer and have enough miles, you can use them to purchase flight tickets. Besides in case the miles are less in number, use the 'Miles + Cash' option for payment. 

Is it cheaper to buy a ticket at the airport for Delta? 

Generally, it is not cheap to buy a ticket at the airport for delta. Buying a ticket at the airport charges you additional services tax apart from the ticket price. Besides, when you buy a ticket online, you can apply for various offers and discounts available at that time. So rather than taking any risk, you should better look for online booking. 

Do Delta prices go down on Tuesday? 

No! It doesn't always happen. Whether the ticket prices will go down on Tuesday depends on various factors such as the time you are traveling, demands at that time, the flight you are choosing, the destinations you are flying, etc. So it is best to check the prices at your end or keep an eye on it. You can also use the Delta low-fare calendar to compare the prices for each day in a month and decide when to fly.

Do flight prices go down closer to the date delta? 

It depends on various factors such as the demand at that time you are flying, the route, the destination, etc. In case the demand is less, the prices will go down closer to the date to fill out the vacant seats. Alternatively, in case you are traveling in speak season or during any festivals or holidays, the demand is quite high, and so the price are high. You must be calculative enough and keep track of prices if they are increasing every day. You can also use Google flights, delta low-fare calendar, etc, to keep track of prices and book the ticket when it is chraper.

How do I contact delta cheap tickets? 

You can also contact Delta cheap tickets and ask the representative if any latest deals and offers are running. To speak with Delta, call the Delta hotline number 800-221-1212 and follow some simple automated IVR commands. Soon, the Delta agent will be available to you. Speak to them, and solve your issues. In addition, you can also chat with a persons on the website and ask about cheap tickets.  

Conclusion: If you want to fly with Delta and need a cheap flight ticket, consider booking on Tuesday. It is the cheapest day to book the flight ticket. However, make sure to look for the other segments also. For more information on Delta Airlines cheap flight deals, you can visit the official Delta website or speak to the Delta airliens live agent directly.