How do I connect to WestJet?

Canada has a low-cost WestJet Airlines that offers many vocational packages. For all internet lovers, WestJet gives a Wi-Fi facility, and you can check the routes on which these in-flight entertainments are available before planning a trip. WestJet allows Wi-Fi services on all available routes and while using its additional in-flight entertainment facility you will not be bored anymore. Also, You can easily connect to WestJet WiFi and enjoy different types of in-flight entertainment or shows by going with the following instructions.

  • Before plane take-off, you should download the WestJet App or update it if already have it.
  • Keep your smartphones or tablets in Airplane mode once the flight board is completely in the air.
  • You can now turn on the Wi-Fi connection and connect with the "WestJetConnect" Wi-Fi networks.
  • After, connecting the Wi-Fi network you should launch the WestJet App and select the in-flight tab. 

While connecting with the Wi-Fi when you find any obstacles, you can go with WestJetConnect.com in your browser to get it easily.

Does WestJet have complimentary Wi-Fi?

As per the Airlines policy, it allows free Wi-Fi services to all interested passengers on the flights. When your Westjet Airlines is above 10,000 feet altitude from the grounds, you can use the Wi-Fi facility on smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Moreover, you can go with the WestJet Connect WiFi and create a link to get free Wi-Fi services. With the use of Complimentary Wi-Fi services, you can check and access some of its entertainment on WestJet flights.

How to get free Wi-Fi on WestJet?

To access the free Wi-Fi services at WestJet, you should first register yourself with the WestJet RBC® World Elite MasterCard. Also, free internet through Wi-Fi is only available over the height altitude of 10,000 or above feet. To have more details about free Wi-Fi services, you can also reach the WestJet Customer Support Center and ask about the same.

Can I get WestJet connect on my Laptop?

In case you are wondering how to access some video or audio content show on the flights from your laptop, you can use the WestJet connect. After you connect WestJet WiFi to my laptop, you can see all available TV shows or entertainment easily on digital devices. But, to use the WestJet connect with the laptops, you must focus on the following steps.

  • Keep your laptops in the Airplane mode after it starts.
  • You can click to Turn the Wi-Fi on.
  • You can now connect to the "WestJet Connect" Wi-Fi network.
  • Go with the https://www.westjetconnect.com/ in a new browser.
  • Finally, select the access plan from your digital Laptop.

Do WestJet planes have a USB?

Irrespective of WestJet domestic and international flights, it offers USB ports to passengers near the Economy class seats. You can even check the USB ports along with the AC power outlets in your seats. WestJet's available USB power outlets commonly operate on 110 V. 

Is Boingo free with WestJet Mastercard?

Yes, you can have free Boingo Wi-Fi services, only when you have WestJet RBC® World Elite Master cardholders. Also, around 1 million free WestJet WiFi Boingo hotspots are available worldwide with WestJet Connect during its flight use. You can register your WestJet MasterCard before using its flights if you want to avail of free Boingo Wi-Fi services.

How do I watch movies on a WestJet flight?

To make your flight journey enjoyable, you can take the help of in-flight entertainment. While using the WestJet flights, you have the option of watching movies from the available lists. You can see the movies or shows from the Mobile App after connecting with the in-flight Wi-Fi services or just prefer WestJet Connect which is present on 787 Dreamliner aircraft setback screens.

Do WestJet planes have charging ports?

WestJet 737 Boeing now offers charging ports on every economy class seat. The available charging ports are compatible with most of the advanced digital devices. Further, with the help of charging ports, you can seamlessly WestJet connect on Laptop or charge your Mobile devices with the given AC outlets to watch uninterrupted TV-shows.