How do I talk to a live person at Qatar Airways?

To contact Qatar Airways, you can dial the customer support phone number 1 (802) 304-5740 or 1 (877) 777-2827 and then call the airline for the help you are looking for. After that, you can connect with an executive to get help with issues you may be facing. When dialing the number, wait a few seconds and then follow the instructions on the IVR. The IVR that you must follow is the following:

Call Qatar Airways for free at 1 (877) 777-2827

  • Press 1 for international flights. 
  • To book domestic flights, press 3. 
  • Press 5 for assistance with different services you can avail of from Qatar. 
  • To cancel the booking, press 8. 
  • Press # for other help options. 
  • To contact a Qatar executive, press *

4 quick ways to speak to a someone at Qatar Airways (Available 24/7)

Live Chat:  For real-time help, if the call lines are busy, they can be easily contacted via chat. You can follow the given steps:

  1. Visit the Qatar Airways official website. 
  2. From the help option, reach out to the contact page of the airline. 
  3. Then, scroll down the page and click on the chat now option. 
  4. Now, log into the registered account and connect through chat with Qatar. 

Social Media- You can also get help from the airline using the social media platform. You can choose to go through them and avail of the help you need by either dropping a message or tagging the airline for the issues. The platforms where the airline is available are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Contact form- There is also a contact form available on the official website to serve and help with the issues you have. The form is available on the official website’s help page to contact for the help you are looking for. Fill out the form by defining the issues you have and then send the same. Soon you will get a revert from the airline with the most apt solution. 

What is the Qatar Airways number to contact customer service?

Qatar Airways is based at the Doha Airport, Hamad Airport, and Luxembourg International Airport, with its headquarters at Doha. The airline is listed among the top airlines of the world with luxurious services that the airline provides to the customers. If you need to talk to a live person at Qatar Airways to get the help you want, please contact the airline using the contact numbers provided:

Qatar Airways Contact Number in Different Countries/Cities

The global phone number for travelers: +974 4023 0000 to communicate with Qatar Airways.
Privilege Club frequent flyer program: +974 4023 0023 
To hold your booking for up to 72 hours, dial 1 (877) 777-282 7/1-954-745-0380
To get help for Qatar (tours, hotels, airport services), dial +974 4423 7999 
Hotline number for disability/Medical Assistance: +1-833-607-2675 

Location Phone Number
Doha 974 4023 0000
Abu Dhabi 971 600521473
Dubai 971600521473
Riyadh 800 8501190
Argentina     1 877 777 2827
Australia     61 283201015
Austria     43 720815871
Bangladesh     974 4023 0000
Egypt     08000060230/20 1501718010
Denmark     45 32725806
Czech Republic     42 0296184765
Canada     1-877-777-2827
China     400-994-9991
Cambodia     84 28 3827 3888
Brazil     5511 51080474
Belgium     32 28948391
Finland     358 923 191 110
Georgia   995 706 777 992
Germany     49 6917 4899 14
Ghana     974 4023 0000
Greece     30 2111991444
Hong Kong   852 3002 2730
Hungary     36 1 755 5025
India     919512972827/974 40230000
Ireland     353 1 526 6489
Israel     974 4023 0000
Indonesia     (007) 8030160210 
Italy     390230578845
France     33 488910726
Japan     81 345101960
Netherlands     31 207994892
Nepal     974 4023 0000
Morocco     212 530 151 426
Mexico     974 4023 0000
Malta     356 22483810
Maldives     974 4023 0000
Malaysia   60 392125457
Lebanon     974 4023 0000
Jordan     080 023 963
Kuwait     974 4023 0000
Kenya     974 4023 0000
New Zealand     64 9 8866229
Nigeria     974 4023 0000
Norway     47 21403115
Oman     974 4023 0000
Pakistan   974 4023 0000
Qatar     974 4023 0000
Portugal     800819046
Poland     48 224894858 /48 224894859
Philippines   63 286263646 
Russia     7 4951083497
Saudi Arabia     800 8501190
Singapore     65 31579795 / 31579795
South Korea     82 70 7488 5074 / 974 4023 0000
South Africa     27 218311039
Spain     900807681
Sri Lanka     011 55 700 000
Sweden     46 853520692
Switzerland     41 31 537 23 21
Tanzania   974 4023 0000
Taiwan     8862 8161 3458
Tunisia     216 31365913
Thailand     974 4023 0000
Turkey   90 2129004613
UAE     971 600521473
Ukraine     38 0893240920
United Kingdom     44 330 912 7415
United States     1 877 777 2827
Vietnam     84 28 3827 3888 / 974 40230000

How do I contact Qatar Airways by email?

For the help you are looking for, you can also get through the airline for help by sending an email to them. Explain the issue you have, and then attach the required documents along with it. Post drafting it well, you can send the email form to the website. Soon you will get a revert from the airline to help you with a solution. However, there are multiple email addresses available for different purposes, such as 

Trade Portal: tradeportal@qatarairways.com.qa
Group Flight Queries: usagroups@us.qatarairways.com
Welcome email: dqwelcomehome@qatarairways.com

How do I contact Qatar Airways in Doha?

There can be multiple issues that you might encounter for the trip booked to or from Doha, Qatar. In regard to getting a solution, you can contact them at Qatar Airways Doha contact number +974 4023 0000, and then connect with a representative so that you can get assistance and help from the team at Doha. 

Which terminal is Qatar Airways in Doha?

Qatar Airways uses Terminal 1 at the Doha International Airport for its departure and arrival flights. At this terminal, you can reach out to the airline for the help you are in need of. Though Qatar Airways uses this terminal, this is still subject to change at any time as per the convenience of the airport depending on various factors, like weather, rush at the airport, etc. 

How do I contact Qatar Airways Saudi Arabia?

For a booking to or from Saudi Arabia, if while availing the services, there is an issue; then you can contact them and get help. You can choose to dial Qatar Airways Saudi Arabia's phone number 800 8501190. Connect with the executive through the call process by easily going through the airline. 

How can I contact Qatar Airways from the USA?

Help from the airline can be easily accessed for assistance if the trip booked is to or from the US. You might opt to dial Qatar Airways USA phone number 1 877 777 2827 and then follow the IVR as mentioned in the above query and then contact the airline for the assistance you would need. 

How can I get in touch with Qatar Airways in the UK?

For the reservation you hold with Qatar Airways in the UK, there can be various strands of issues that might arise, and you may face problems. In this case, to find a way out, you can choose to contact the airline by dialing Qatar Airways UK contact number +44 330 912 7415. After dialing the number, wait for a few jiffies so that an agent from Qatar Airways can connect soon to help you with the issues. 

Where do Qatar Airways fly from in the UK?

There are several airports in the UK where you can fly for the travel planned to the country. Plan a trip and accordingly book for the airport closest to the destined destination. The list of airports where the airline flies to are listed below: 

London Heathrow International Airport
London Gatwick International Airport
Manchester International Airport
Edinburgh International Airport

What is the best time of the day to call Qatar Airways?

The best time to contact Qatar Airways for help is between 4.00 to 7.00 hours and from 22.00 to 2.00 hours. During this time, as these are extreme hours of the day when most people tend to sleep and rest, the call lines remain free during these hours. The call flow is less, resulting in an easy connection to the airline to provide assistance. 

What is a customer service agent at Qatar Airways?

A customer service agent from Qatar Airways is the one with whom you can connect and find the solution for the issues. The agent tries to solve the issues you have and provides you with the best available solution. You can easily contact them using the Qatar Airways customer service number and avail of help related to various services, such as: 

  • Help with a ticket reservation
  • Help with online services, like cancellation, refund, etc. 
  • Help to avail airport lounges, baggage facilities, and many such facilities at the airport
  • Help with facilities and services on the aircraft, like seat selection, choice of meals and beverages, etc. 

What are the Qatar customer service hours?

For the help you are looking for, you can dial their official contact number during Qatar customer service hours, which is 24/7 for the help you want. The airline is available round the clock to provide services to the customers as they are known for the services they offer. The airline is one of the top airlines, maintains its quality of services, and offers the best of facilities. 

Where is the Qatar Airways main office?

You can also send a physical letter for the issues you have. You can get to send the letter to the office address, which is Qatar Airways, Towers PO Box 22550 DOHA, Qatar. Provide all the required details so that it can be easier for the airline to contact you and avail you of the help. 

How do I escalate a complaint with Qatar Airways?

You can make a complaint with the airline via the complaint form. In order to contact Qatar customer service in correspondence to make a complaint with the airline. Thus, to register a complaint, you can follow the given steps: 

  1. Reach out to the help page.
  2. Click on the query you wish to raise by clicking on the same. 
  3. Then, a complaint form will open. 
  4. Fill out, raise the query, and then submit it. 
  5. Provide relevant documents and personal details so that the airline can contact you back for the issues you have raised with the airline. 

How long does it take for Qatar Airways to respond to complaints?

If you have raised an issue by contacting Qatar Airways by phone or any other method, then you can easily get a revert. The airline shall soon get back within 24 to 48 hours from when you have raised the issue. You can contact the airline and avail of their help. The airline shall provide you with an apt solution by getting back to you for the issues you have.