Delta Airlines Boarding Zones - A Complete Guide

Delta has divided its passengers into groups of various boarding zones to have a smooth boarding experience. The different Delta group boarding zones are as below: 

What are the Delta boarding zones?

Delta One or First Class 
Diamond Medallion Members 
Delta Premium Select
Delta Comfort+
Sky Priority 
Main Cabin 1
Main Cabin 2
Main Cabin 3 
Basic Economy 

How many zones are in Delta boarding?

There are 10 Delta boarding zones, according to which Delta boards their passengers. The passengers who need assistance are first to board, and the passengers with Basic Economy are last to board. 

How does Delta determine boarding zones?

If you are not sure how the Delta boarding zones work, the airline has categorized boarding into 10 boarding Zones where passengers who need assistance or additional time to board, such as passengers with children and active Military with ID, board first before others. Then comes Delta One or First Class passengers and then Diamond Medallion members, Delta Premium select customers, including the customers traveling with car seats and strollers, Then Delta Comfort and Sky Priority members, Main Cabin 1, Main Cabin 2 and 3 and at last comes the Basic Economy passengers. 

How do Delta boarding zones work?

Delta Boarding Zones have been introduced for organized boarding and to save the time of passengers. The airline has divided its boarding Zone in a way that passengers who need assistance are first to board, followed by the travel classes and then the elite status of passengers, Then the basis of SkiPriorty and then 3 Main Cabin categories and the Basic Economy. The airline also provides several options using which you can move on to the higher Zones and board before several other passengers in the lower zone. 

What does main 3 mean on Delta Zone?

Main 3 is the second last zone in the Delta Priority Zones, and it consists of passengers who reserve T, X, and V fares. 

What is Delta Zone Sky mean?

Delta Zone Sky is the SkyPriorty Zone that boards after Pre-boarding, Delta One or First Class, Diamond medallion members, Delta Premium Select, and Delta Comfort +. The passengers with Delta Sky zone boarding have 'SKY" or a Zone number printed on their boarding pass. 

Who gets Sky Priority boarding on Delta?

The Platinum Medallion Members, Gold Medallion members, Flying Blue Platinum and Gold members, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold members, SkyTeam Elite Plus members, LATAM Pass Black Signature, Black and Platinum,  Elite Westjet reward Platinum and Gold Elite are the passengers who get Delta Sky Priority boarding. 

How do you become Sky Priority in Delta?

If you are a Loyalty Member with Delta Gold Medallion Status or higher, you can become the Sky Priority in Delta, even when you are not in a premium seat. In case you don't have Gold Medallion status, you will have to earn the $ 100 Medallion Qualifying Dollars to achieve this level. 

How do I get a better boarding group on Delta?

In case you wish to get a better boarding group on the Delta, you can simply purchase Comfort + Seat. By buying the Comfort +, you will become part of Group 4 boarding. Besides, you also get various other benefits such as free cancelation for travel credit, Free changes, Free snacks, Extra legroom, etc. 

How early does Delta start boarding?

Usually, Delta Airlines starts boarding at least 30 minutes before the departure; however, it may vary based on the airport from where you are flying and your flight. So, you should always cross-check the flight status and the boarding time before reaching the airport. 

How do I get Delta priority boarding?

Fly in the Premium Cabin

Booking your ticket in a Delta premium cabin, such as Delta One or First Class, you will become among the first to board. Even the Delta medallion member board after the Premium cabin fliers.

Premium economy passengers traveling in Delta Premium select board after the first class, Diamond Medallion, and Delta one. Remember the premium select is available only when you travel on selected international flights. 

After the Premium Select Flyers, the next group to the board is Comfort +. In case you find the first class quite expensive and don't want to pay for it, Comfort + is another cheaper option to get priority boarding. 

Be a part of SkyMiles Elite Status or SkyTeam/ Partner airline Elite status 

The other option to have priority boarding is to hold the SkyMiles Elite Status or SkyTeam/ Partner airline elite status. The SkyMiles passengers with Platinum Medallion status and lower, along with SkyTeam Elite Plus and Sky Team Elite Status, are the next to board. 

Besides, if you are flying in the main cabin, then there are also people with elite status who board earlier. 

Platinum and Gold Medallion members and SkyTeam Elite Plus Flyers are included in the SkyPriorty boarding. Whereas the SkyTeam Elite flyers and the silver medallion are in the Main Cabin 1 group. 

Board as a Military Member 

If you are an active U.S. military member, make sure to have your military ID and be the first one to board. 

Active members of the U.S. military carrying a military ID can get Delta priority boarding before everyone else, including those in the premium cabin. The military members are categories in the Pre-Boarding Zones, the group that board first. 

Keep Delta Co-Branded Credit Card

If you have having Delta Co-Branded SkyMiles credit card, the airline will assign you the main cabin 1 zone automatically 

Be the Delta Corporate Travelers 

There are corporate travelers whose company has a corporate agreement with Delta, and they can get benefits, which include Main Cabin 1 boarding. It means being a Corporate traveler; you can board before other passengers who are in Maiin Xabin. 

Paid Priority Boarding

In case you are not able to meet the priority boarding using the options above, you can also pay for it. You can buy the trip called Ascend package and board in the main cabin 1 Zone. 

Can you upgrade your boarding position on Delta?

Yes! Upgrading the boarding position on Delta Airlines is pretty simple. The best thing is you purchase a Comfort+ Seat, and you can get Group 4 boarding even before the SkyTeam Elite Plus Members.