How does seating work on Delta?

Delta seating functions as per the terms and conditions laid by the airline. Further, you can look up those rules in the delta seat selection policy, and their provision has been displayed at the following points:-

  • A seat is picked as per availability. It means that when a space is available on the flight then, only you could be able to choose a seat.
  • If you have purchased a "Basic Economy" fare, then you will not be able to choose a seat that can be assigned at the time of check-in.
  • A seat space could be requested on the flight if the seat is empty. Apart from this, if you are looking to travel in comfort, then you can book an adjoining seat too by sending a message.
  • A pregnant lady, unaccompanied minor, and disabled person could not be able to choose a seat near the emergency exit rows. 
  • If you are a Medallion member, you can have a seat as a complimentary. But they have to submit requests, and it depends on the availability. 
  • Once check-in is completed, then, you might not be able to choose a seat. When your fare allows, then you can, but you have to conduct check-in again. 
  • When you have made a reservation through the travel agent, then you get to approach them to get a seat, not the airline.

How to select a seat on Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines only allows qualified travelers to pick a seat of their choice. So, when you are fit for this, you can choose amongst the multiple options for the procedure. Now, the specification about the same can be administered from underneath. 

Select a seat over an online modes

A call might add up additional charges at the time of choosing a seat. If you do not wish to pay those costs, then you can use their online modes. The steps for delta seat selections are defined at the bottom points:-

  1. Reach to the website of Delta Airlines.
  2. Further, choose the My Trip icon from the homepage 
  3. Now, submit the booking reference number with the last name
  4. After that, choose the "Change/Upgrade your seat" options
  5. Later on, from the seat map, choose the available seat and click on the Continue icon
  6. Then, pay the cost of your booking and click on the finish icon 
  7. Once you have completed the process, then you can receive the confirmation over email.

Note: You can pick a seat on Delta Airlines during check-in time. Visit an airline website, click on the check-in option, enter your flight details then choose your preferred seat from the seating map and pay the fee if applicable.

Pick a seat over a call

A quick and uncomplicated way to choose to seat from the airline is to call. There, you get to share the required details with customer service and submit the cost for the same. For that, call on the delta phone number which is 1 (800) 221-1212, and then select the "seat" option from the recorded menu. 

What are the different levels of Delta seats?

Delta Airlines is classified into several sections based on its cabin. Plus, you can recognize those options on Delta's seat map and from there, you can choose one based on your airfare. Also, you can get an idea of the seating level from the following points:-

First class 
Delta Comfort +
Main Cabin

How much does Delta charge for seat selection?

A seat on the Delta can also be added without paying any fees. But these benefits are only available for certain classes. Further, your seat selection fees could be applied if you do not fit into these categories. However, the approximate Delta seat selection fee lies from $0 to $500. It could depend on the cabin and route of the journey. 

Can you sit wherever you want on Delta?

Yes, you can sit wherever you want on the Delta. Only when a space is available in a flight because seats are dependent on the principle of "first come, first serve." Further, you may have to pay the cost to include the required seat in the reservation. 

Do you have to pick a seat on Delta?

Yes, you have to pick a seat on the Delta. Further, when you choose your seat, then, you may have to pay the cost for the same for including it in the itinerary. In this way, you can travel comfortably according to your own needs. However, if you have purchased a basic fare, then you might not get this feature. In this situation, an airline could allot a random seat anywhere it deems fit. 

What is the difference between basic and main seating on Delta?

Delta offers considerable seating options that can fit into most necessities. Further, their seat categories, Basic and Main, are among them. Moreover, both options hold certain dissimilarities in features that can be recognized from the bottom.

Basic seat:- This seat is located in the Economy cabin of the airline. Further, the cost of having these seats is low, which means you might not get adequate breath or legroom. Besides this, you might not be able to perform changes or upgrades. 

Main Seat:- These are the main cabin seats with the flexibility of making changes and changes. However, you get to purchase the flight ticket for the conduction of the journey, and there you can have appropriate legroom. 

What are the best seats on a Delta flight?

Delta flight seats cannot be distinguished between best and least. This is because every seating option carries certain features as per their cost. Still, if you are willing to get an idea about the best, it could be Delta One and First Class due to their premium status. So, if you add any of these options, then you can experience luxury at the higher altitudes. 

What is the best seat on Delta one?

Delta One is an absolute package for experiencing opulence in the sky. If you could purchase these options, then you can have access to priority boarding, lie-flat seats, Delta sky clubs, fine dining, and many more. Further, you can add more to that by choosing the best seat in a cabin, and that is a window.  There, you might not be distributed often and have a cabin yourself with a side view. 

Can I choose my seat for free on Delta?

Yes, you can choose a seat for free on Delta. However, selecting a free seat from the airline is not limited or restricted. If you fall into any of those situations, then you can pick your seat with Delta for free. Thus, you can determine the condition from the following points:-

  1. Traveling in the upper class
  2. Have complimentary benefits due to airline involuntary modifications
  3. Holds an elite status

Is seat selection mandatory for a Delta flight?

No, seat selection is not a mandatory option over a Delta flight. But if you are looking to travel comfortably with every necessary resource, then you can choose one, and the cost for that needs to be paid. However, if you have purchased a basic economy fare, then you might get a chance to book a seat. In this case, the airline could allow any of the random ones at the time of check-in.


Furthermore, the information disclosed here could make you eligible for the delta seating options with process and policies. If there is something left to cover and you need details about the same, then you can approach the customer service team for an answer.