What do you get as a Delta Employee?- Elaborated Description of Delta Employee Benefits

Delta Airlines not only provides excellent customer service to passengers but also goes above and beyond with a reasonable amount of employee perks and benefits. All Delta employees are credited for the non-stop work they do to achieve a better future for the airline.

Do Delta employees get family discounts?

Yes, Delta employees get family discounts. The recent family members of all Delta Employees can also enjoy the benefits and discounts on their Delta flight reservations as per the terms and conditions listed under Delta NRSA service. The same indicates that all employees can travel with their family members/ companions on standby on any Delta-operated aircraft for a discounted price or even free under certain circumstances. 

How much is the discount on Delta for employees?

Employees get a minimum discount of 20% on all flight bookings and services. This discount against the cost price of Delta services is quite impressive and intriguing to get the employees a good price deal against a Delta Flight Reservation.

What kind of discounts do Delta employees get?

Delta Airlines rewards the employees and their families with the following discounts under Delta employee family flight benefits:

  • Discounts on travel reservations, including flight tickets, lounge bookings, and many more. 
  • Discounts on confirmed flight reservations. 
  • Discounts on Delta Vacations and Delta Cargo services. 
  • Discounts on over 500 Delta services regarding rentals, pet carriage, etc. 
  • Discounts on Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express card annual fee. 
  • Discounts on commute. 

Do Delta employee families fly free?

Families of Delta employees fly for free. The airline offers a standby reservation for all Delta employees, their partners (who do not need to be married), parents, and children, allowing them to fly for free on a Delta flight. All privileges are granted to the members mentioned, including free airline tickets.

Do Delta employees get free flights for families?

To enlighten your curiosity, yes. Delta employees get free flights for their families, and Non-Rev / Standby Travel (NRSA) makes sure of that. The employee perks not only cover some petty discounts and vouchers for the employee's family. All the recent family members get free standby tickets with included privileges. Alongside this, a Delta employee can fly free with their family in business class as well, depending upon seat availability and other reasons.  

How many buddy passes do Delta employees get?

The number of buddy passes is not specific for any candidate working with Delta Airlines. However, approximately eight passes can be allotted to each employee every year. These buddy passes enroll the friends and family members of a Delta Employee to a minimum discount of 40-50% on their next Delta flight. Any passenger with a buddy pass of their own can provide them with similar benefits as an insider in Delta. 

Can Delta employees get discounts for friends?

As you can see from Delta's flourishing employee reviews, the benefits also include multiple discounts for friends of Delta employees as well. Any legal employee is eligible to book buddy passes for their friends. This buddy pass can avail of the following additional benefits for the user:

  1. 40-60% discount on Delta flight tickets. 
  2. Free flight changes for the departure flight in a round-way trip. 
  3. Zero Baggage fee.
  4. Members can add stopovers to the flight itinerary. 
  5. Minimum location change fee. 
  6. Free Business class upgrades depending upon the availability. 

Can Delta employees fly first class?

Delta employees can settle comfortably in first class after all paying passengers have been dropped into their seats. Among Delta employees' versatile family travel benefits, first-class seats are always subject to last-minute upgrades, so employees have to wait a little longer to finally sit in the best corner of the flight.

Do Delta employees get access to Delta Lounge?

The airline also provides free access to Delta Lounges to all the employees serving the airline with their whole hearts. The Employee benefits, including the lounge facility, are attractive enough to get ongoing employee support. Proficient employees serving the organization lead to a brighter future and stability for the airline.