What is PNR number WestJet?

A PNR (Passenger Name Record) number is a unique identifier assigned to your reservation with WestJet Airlines; which is a 13-digit WestJet PNR number that essentially holds all the details about your flight booking, including passenger names, itinerary, and ticketing information. 

How do I find my WestJet confirmation number?

There are multiple ways to find the WestJet confirmation number. To learn about it, you must consider the following ways.

Check your email: A passenger can easily find their confirmation number by using the email; however, after a flight reservation, the airline will send a confirmation email to you which contains your ticket confirmation number, along with other important information about your trip, such as your flight number and departure/ arrival times.

View your E-ticket Receipt: You can view the confirmation number from the WestJet Airlines E-ticket receipt, which is sent by the airline to your email.

Use the WestJet websites: If you can't find your confirmation email or eTicket receipt, you can try searching for your trip on the WestJet website, there you should enter your last name and either your reservation code (a six-character code) or ticket number (a 13-digit number) to find your trip.

Find the confirmation number by WestJet App: The WestJet app allows you to access your trip information; by having your confirmation number, you can access your trip details, which have a reservation code. This acts as a reference similar to the PNR number, which you can find by getting through the steps:

  • Open the WestJet Airways app and log into the account,
  • Navigate to the section displaying your upcoming trips, labeled "My booking" section.
  • Within the trip details, you should see a reservation code or confirmation number; view it.
  • Thus, airlines and travel agents use a PNR number internally to reference your booking. 

What can you do with your WestJet Airlines PNR Number?

Using the PNR number, you can manage your booking (change, cancel, compensation, add luggage, request special assistance at a flight or airport, make seat and class upgrade, refund request, add a child, or more.)
Make check-in with your WestJet Airlines flight.

Is the PNR number/ confirmation number/ ticket number the same?

Yes, the PNR number/ confirmation number/ ticket number is the same, which is used to manage booking or check-in with the flight.