What is the infant policy for Air India?

Are you traveling with Air India with your infant/kids? For Air India, an infant is said to be a child who is aged up to 24 months. Carrying and safety become the prime concern while traveling with infants. That's why it becomes more crucial to be aware of the Air India infant policy while making plans to fly domestically or internationally. Below are some guidelines provided to ensure a hassle-free flying experience. Let's understand what their infant policy guides.

Air India Infant Policy || Rules and Guidelines

  • Passengers who are traveling with infants are required to show valid proof of ID to verify the age of the little one. Being unable to showcase the documents will make you pay an adult charge, which is subject to the availability of seats. 
  • Strollers are not allowed on flights, but you can request bassinets, which can be availed to you at no cost if they are available at that time. 
  • As check-in Baggage, Infants have a baggage allowance of 10kgs or 22lbs, and carry-on baggage for foods and bottles.
  • The minimum age for traveling is Seven Days.
  • In case you are traveling with more than a single child, then every baby needs to be accompanied by an adult person. 
  • If the infant is traveling with a guardian, then a few documents must be provided to Air India signed by both parents.
  • There is no need to book an extra seat for infants because they can sit on the lap of the person they are traveling with.

How can I book a seat for my infant Air India?

The booking process is so simple as it is the same as booking your ticket for yourself. Here are the steps you can follow to make an Air India infant ticket booking. There are plenty of ways to book tickets, but the most convenient way is to make a reservation from the official website.

  1. Reach the airindia.com and then you will find the reservation tab where you will start booking your flight.
  2. Choose the infant option in the passenger's section and then fill in your trip details to search for the flight.
  3. Choose your flight and then the seat as you move forward to the booking process after confirming the fare price.
  4. Enter the passenger Details, including the infant, and then move next.
  5. Confirming the fare details and price, kindly make the payment using your favorite method.
  6. Instantly, you will get a confirmation email with the details of your flight, and your seat will be booked.

Note:- you will not be allowed to book a seat for infants; however, if you are traveling with more than one, then as per the seat availability, you will get a seat inclusive of an adult fare charge.

How much baggage is allowed for infants in Air India?

  • Every infant has a baggage allowance of 10 kg if they don't have a seat.
  • If the infant has a seat on the ticket, then they have the same baggage allowance as the adult, which means they can check in for the same amount of baggage as any other adult passenger.

What is the infant fare for Air India?

The infant fare for Air India is different for domestic and international flights. If the infant is traveling on an international flight, then they have the fare charge equal to the amount after the deduction of 10% of the basic fare for adults, and if the infant is traveling on a domestic Air India flight ticket, then the infant base fare is ₹1250. You must remember that these fares are exclusive of taxes and other charges that may be subject to change.

Is cabin baggage allowed for infants?

Yes, passengers are allowed to carry Air India infant cabin baggage for smooth and hassle-free flying with young ones. You can carry Bottles, baby care items, and foods in your carry-on bag.

Does Air India charge for infants?

Yes, when you book infant tickets on Air India, they charge a basic infant fare of INR 1250 for domestic flights and up to 90% of adult fares for international travel.

What age is free for infant flights?

Normally, in Air India, children with the age bracket of seven days to up to 24 months are free for flights, although they must travel in the same seat as the guardian or parent. In most cases, Air India infant ticket fare is free or may be approximately 10 % of the adult fare.

Is a baby stroller allowed on an Air India flight?

No, you are not allowed to carry a baby stroller on the Air India flight. However, if that's the need, then an alternate option can be requested. You can request for the Bassinets. Getting bassinets for your child is subject to the availability of the aircraft. A limited number of bassinets are allowed to fly on the plane. Kindly contact Air India customer support to request or to get more information on this.

Can I add an infant after booking Air India?

No, an infant must be booked with the adult together and share the same PNR. They are not eligible for a personal seat; eventually, they travel by sitting on the lap of the passengers. However, Exceptions can occur; you can add an infant after booking by contacting customer service or going to the Manage My Booking section on the official website and then add an infant to your ticket by paying the additional fare charges and following the onscreen process.

Is baby food allowed in Air India?

Yes, Air India's main concern is to make you and your infant fly comfortably hence, they allow passengers who are traveling with any infant to carry enough Air India infant meal or baby food.