How do I get a refund from Spirit Airlines?

Need to cancel a flight with Spirit and afterward, you want to request to get money back from the airline, don't worry, because there is a prompt and quick way to do this simply through manage booking, for that, 

The online process to get your money back from Spirit

  • Navigate the Spirit Airlines web portal.
  • Continue to view the manage booking section, 
  • Add reservation number and last name; consider your reservation 
  • Cancel your flight by specifying the reason; under that option, you will see the refund option, 
  • Request a refund by filling out request form, Paying the charges, and getting its confirmation on your device. 

Other ways to request a refund from Spirit Airlines

There are a few ways to get a refund by Spirit refund request form; therefore, to do this, you must consider:

Complaint or Compliment Form:

  1. Visit the Spirit Airlines "Submit a Request" page
  2. Choose "Compliment or Complaint" and "Complaint" as the category.
  3. Briefly describe your situation and request a refund in the "Description" box.
  4. Include your confirmation number, flight details, and any relevant supporting documents.
  5. Submit the form.

Mail in Form:

Download and print the Spirit Airlines "Refund Request Form." Fill out the form completely, including your contact information, flight details, reason for refund request, and any supporting documentation. Mail the form to Corporate Guest Relations, Attention: Refunds, 2800 Executive Way, Miramar, FL 33025.

Spirit Airlines refund policy

Spirit Airlines' refund policy has some intricacies, so it's essential to understand before requesting a refund. There is some points of Spirit Airlines refund policy that must consider:

  1. You generally won't receive a refund if you booked a non-refundable fare, regardless of the reason for cancellation. However, exceptions might exist in the case of the death of a passenger (with documentation).
  2. Refunds are possible for refundable fares, but fees might apply depending on the time of cancellation:
  3. Within 60+ days before departure, Free cancellation and full refund.
  4. Within 24-7 days before departure, you'll receive a reservation credit for the remaining balance after deducting fees.
  5. Within 24 hours of booking (7+ days before departure), a full refund is in the original payment form.
  6. If Spirit cancels or significantly delays your flight, you can be refunded regardless of your fare type.
  7. Spirit offers exceptions in specific situations, like medical emergencies or military deployments. 
  8. A $100 processing fee might apply to refunds requested beyond 24 hours after booking.

How long does it take to get a refund back from Spirit?

The Spirit refund request time depends on a few factors, like how you paid for your ticket and the reason for the cancellation:

Credit Card: Spirit initiates the refund within 7 business days if you paid with a credit card. 

Other Payment Methods: For payments made by cash or check, the processing time takes longer, up to 20 business days.

24-hour cancellation: You get a full refund if cancellation done within 24 hours of reservation and the flight is at least 7 days away. No cancellation fee applies in this case.

Flight cancellation by Spirit: If Spirit cancels your flight, you won't be charged a cancellation fee and will receive a refund.

Other cancellations: The refund policy and fees vary depending on your fare type and reason for cancellation.

What is the number for Spirit Airlines refund?

The Spirit Airlines refund number is 844-989-7283. 

How to call Spirit Airlines for a refund?

If you look to call the airline for a Spirit refund request, you may dial 844-989-7283. and you hear some IVR options due to call divert to IVR calls,

  1. Press 1 to book a ticket
  2. Press 2 to amend the itinerary 
  3. To cancel the flight, press 3
  4. Press 5 to request a refund
  5. Press 6 to speak with the live customer service agent, 
  6. After hearing the option, press 5 to request a refund from Spirit Airlines, share all the details, and by talking with them, request it; soon, you will get it. 

Is Spirit giving full refunds for canceled flights?

Yes, Spirit offers full refunds for inevitable flight cancellations, but it depends on the specific circumstances:

When you'll get a refund-

24-hour rule: You get a refund if you cancel it in 24 hours and the flight is at least 7 days away. It applies to all fare types, and no cancellation fee is charged.

Spirit cancels your flight: If Spirit cancels your flight, you get a refund from Spirit Airlines regardless of the reason, including choosing not to rebook with them on an alternative flight.

When you might not get a full refund-

You cancel outside the 24-hour window: If you cancel after the 24-hour window, the refund policy and fees depend on your fare type and reason for cancellation. You'll likely get a reservation credit instead of a full refund, with varying expiration dates depending on the fare type.

Government-imposed travel restrictions: In some cases where the government imposes travel restrictions and you cannot travel, Spirit may offer a full refund outside the 24-hour window, but this is not guaranteed.