How can I select my seat on KLM?

KLM is also known as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Furthermore, this is one of the most significant aircraft in the Netherlands. Therefore, the facilities that you can provide from this could be abundant, and one of them is seat selection. However, the method to select a seat on KLM is revealed at the bottom.

Pick a seat over online methods

A seat selection request through online modes could add an additional cost. You can pick a seat online at the time of booking, at check-in time, or via manage your booking. Here, you can perform the KLM seat selection task online on your own by following these steps:-

  • Head to the official site of the KLM Airlines
  • Thenafter, from the home tab, choose my trip options.
  • From the next tab, submit your booking reference number with the surname.
  • Now, click on the seat options from the dashboard.
  • Then, from the seat map, choose a vacant one and click on the next icon. 
  • Further, pay the cost of your seat and then click on the confirm options. 

Call to the KLM Airlines

You can choose a preferred seat by calling the KLM customer service. Additionally, you can share the seating requirements and the following process could be taken care of by your customer service team. So, for that, you can dial the KLM phone number, 1 (800) 618-0104, and then choose "seat" from the shared IVR menu options.

What klm seat selection policy?

The airline permit is required to choose a seat according to the legal provisions they establish. You must go through the KLM seat selection policy, which is explained below:-

  1. A seat could be chosen based on availability. So, if a seat is vacant, only you will be able to choose one.
  2. If you travel with a kid up to 11 years old, then you can get a seat free of charge. 
  3. When you have paid for the seat on the airline, then you might not be able to claim its reimbursement afterward.
  4. A pregnant lady and an unaccompanied minor could not able to get a seat near the emergency exit rows. 
  5. Seats can be picked before check-in, and if you don't get one, then the airline could assign any of the random ones.

Do you pay for seat selection on KLM?

Yes, you get to pay for a seat on the KLM Airlines. But, if you have a premium membership or purchase a lower traveling class, then you might excused from paying the cost. However, if you don't fall into any of those conditions, then you could have to pay klm seat selection cost, which could depend on your seat type and the destinations. Still, the estimated charge for picking a seat could be $60 to $150.

Are KLM economy comfort seats worth it?

Yes, KLM Economy Comfort seats are worth traveling on. Here, you could find more luxury than standard seats. Moreover, you can recognize the characteristics of those seats by going through the bottom:-

Around 80 cm of legroom
40 cm of recliner
In-power seats
Get to board first on the flight

What is a KLM preferred seat?

The preferred seats of KLM Airlines are second, more comfortable seats. Further, these are located behind the economy comfort seats. So, when you select seat on klm flight, then you might not get a large space, but those could be enough for experiencing an aggregable journey. However, the estimated cost for that is $60 to $80, and it could depend on the route.

Can you select seats for free on KLM?

Yes, you can select seats for free on KLM. But those requirements are subjected to certain conditions and regulations. If you qualify for the same, then only you can avail of complimentary seats. Further, you can learn about those situations by going through the points mentioned at the bottom:-

  1. When you booked a flight in the upper cabin 
  2. Having an elite membership
  3. The airline makes an alternate arrangement. 

What are the best seats in KLM economy?

Traveling with the KLM economy class could be a way to have an economical traveling experience. However, you can add to your journey by choosing the best seat in the cabin. So, if you are looking for the same, then it could be "Economy Comfort" because they are located in the front of the cabin. Besides this, you can recognize enhanced features. 

How much is KLM charging for seat selection in business class?

An elevated traveling experience with KLM Airlines could be secured by choosing business class as a companion. Moreover, for KLM seat selection, the business class could make you competent for sky priority, meals, priority boarding, and many more. Further, when you are looking to find a comfortable seat, then you can pick one in advance, but to do the same, you get to pay the cost, which could be around $110.