How do I make a complaint to KLM?

There are many travelers who after completing their trip with KLM are not completely satisfied with the experiences and feel compelled to share their complaints or comments with KLM to obtain the best solutions. These customers have the full right to file a complaint about the airline. Now, there may be chances that you are not well informed about the process of registering your complaint. If you have ever had a problem with KLM and are looking for ways to have your complaints acknowledged, you can check out the detailed information provided below:

The online process to file a complaint to KLM:

No matter what your concern may be, you can always make it register with KLM customer services by filling out the complaint form. The steps that must be followed to fill out the complaint form are as follows:

  • Visit the official KLM official website.
  • Scroll and click on all contact options.
  • From all the fields available, click on "request, complaints, and suggestions."
  • To complain online, you must log into your KLM account.
  • Once you get into your account, select the booking you have concerns with.  
  • As the complaint form is generated, you must fill in mandatory fields.
  • Also, link the documents that validate your complaints. 
  • Briefly describe your concern and Press the submit button. 

Get through to KLM customer services about complaints: Those travelers who cannot use the online procedure and are not familiar with the KLM complaint procedure, you can call them by dialing the official KLM phone number: 1-800- 618-0104 you are expected to stay in the phone line and continue with the automated instructions to get your phone call linked to a representative handling complaints and concerns. Once you get hold of a live representative, you can mention your complaint, and the KLM representative will understand your problem and make sure your complaints get resolved in the shortest time. 

Send emails to KLM to register your complaints: Emails can also be dropped to KLM to register complaints. This medium can be taken into use by customers who have completed their trip and come across unpleasant experiences.  Whether you are unhappy with inflight facilities or have concerns with staff behavior, you can always write your problem given proper travel information and send it to mail@klm-info.com. Your complaints will be acknowledged within 24 hours. To get the proper attention, you must enclose copies of your tickets and all other supporting documents. KLM complaints email must be framed properly and descriptive enough to get the concerns resolved. 

File complaints reaching the KLM office: If your complaints are serious and require immediate attention, then you can even reach the headquarters to get them registered. You can use the address mentioned below to discuss your complaints with the corresponding KLM live representatives and get them rectified in the shortest time:

KLM Airlines
Amsterdamseweg 55, 1182 GP Amstelveen, 
the Netherlands. 

Conclusion: You can make use of any approach according to your preferences to register your issues and get possible solutions. If you make use of the KLM complaint number to register your complaint, then you must make sure that you are providing all the important documents.