AirAsia is Malaysia's largest airline that offers flights to 165 destinations in 25 countries with a fleet size of 255. The airline strives to provide customer service that is high quality that will make your air travel memorable and exciting. For a smooth journey, customers must have contact details so that they can contact the airline anytime to get help with any problems they may have during their travel. 

5 Quick Ways to Contact AirAsia customer care

If you have any queries related to your booking, or you need to make a complaint or share your feedback and need to talk to a live agent at AirAsia, you can read further along to get more information.

Talk to a live agent at AirAsia by calling

You can talk to a live person at AirAsia by calling on the customer care number and following the voice instructions below to reach a customer executive. You will be able to connect quickly and get the solution to your query.

  • Call on the Airasia India customer care number: 080 4666 2222
  • Select your preferred language by pressing the relevant number.
  • You have to press 1 if you require help with a flight booking. 
  • Press 2 for baggage-related issues like delayed, lost, or damaged baggage.
  • Press 3 to request a refund for either a canceled flight ticket or a service.
  • If you want to know about upcoming offers, the latest flight ticket deals, or discounts, you may press 4.
  • Press 9 to get in touch with a customer service representative.
  • If you have placed the call to get help with a booking, the agent will require your booking reference number and the passenger's last name to give you the best possible solution to your query.

You can contact AirAsia India customer care easily by using any of the communication channels offered by the airline, be it via the AirAsia India toll-free number, email address, live chat, mailing address, or social media. Customers can get a solution to their query easily, whether they need help with a reservation, want to claim a refund, or would like to share their suggestions by visiting the official website. You may follow the steps below to get assistance from AirAsia India customer care.

  1. Open the homepage - airasia.co.in and scroll down to see various contact options.
  2. Alternatively, you can click "support" to get to a page where you will find the answers to the questions asked most frequently, or you can choose to call a number specific to a country to get answers to your questions.

How do I contact AirAsia live chat?

You can contact the AirAsia customer service chat by opening the page airaisa.com and logging in to your account by using your username and password. You have to click the chat icon and, select the relevant topic, then type in your query to get a quick response from an agent. 

How do I email AirAsia India?

You can email AirAsia India easily by using the AirAsia India customer care email id to get in touch with a representative. You have to mention the query you have in detail along with your contact details, like your number, to get a response from an agent. If you are sending an email to enquire about a reservation, you have to mention the reservation number and the passenger's last name to get the best solution to the issue.

How do I send a message to AirAsia?

You can send a message to Air Asia by using social media, as the airline is available on various commonly used platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The airline connects with hundreds of customers on a day-to-day basis to communicate and promote its brand to make more flight ticket sales. You can get updates on new deals, offers, and discounts through social media. You may follow the websites given below and send a message to get a response from a representative. 

Facebook - facebook.com/airasia
Twitter - twitter.com/airasia
Instagram- instagram.com/airasia

Contact AirAsia through WhatsApp

  1. You can contact Air Asia through Whatsapp using the official website airasia.com
  2. Once you are on the home page, you have to scroll down to access the Whatsapp icon. 
  3. You can also dial the AirAsia WhatsApp number +60 11-3516 5078
  4. You have to click it to be directed to the app. 
  5. Type in your query and start chatting with a customer service representative. 
  6. It is one of the most convenient ways to interact with an agent.

What is the phone number of AirAsia Mobile?

The phone number for Air Asia mobile is 080 4666 2222. You can talk to the AirAsia customer service team by dialing the number and following the IVR instructions to get to an agent. If you have called to get an update on a complaint made by you, you have to give the complaint number so that the agent can get the details to serve you in the best way possible.

How do I contact AirAsia for a refund? 

You can contact AirAsia for a refund by going to the customer support page on the official website airasia.com. You can click on the "Chat with Bo" icon located at the bottom right corner of the home page. A chat window will pop open where you have to select "travel," then "AirAsia flights," and then select "refund." You have to select the reason for claiming the refund and attach relevant documents. Your request will be submitted to the airline.

If you need to contact AirAsia for a refund by phone call, please dial 080 4666 2222 and request an agent to get your money back.

What is the WhatsApp of AirAsia? 

The AirAsia WhatsApp number is +60 11-3516 5078, which can be used to connect with a representative to get the solution to your query. You can expect to get an instant reply as the service is available 24/7. You have to save the number on your phone and launch Whatsapp to see AirAsia on the app. You have to open the airline's profile and type in your query to get a response from an agent. 

How do I raise a complaint against Air Asia?

You can raise a complaint on Air Asia by either using the Airasia complaint email or by calling the customer service number. If the complaint is related to a booking, you have to provide the booking reference number along with the passenger's name to get the best possible solution to your complaint and the agent will be able to get the booking summary easily.

The best way to raise a complaint is by sending a letter to the address given below. The customer support team will respond to you within 5 days with the solution to your query. You will be assigned an Air Asia complaint number until the problem is resolved. If you send a letter to get an update on the issue, you must mention the complaint number so that the details can be traced back easily without any confusion.

Customer Support

AirAsia India Limited,
Kempegowda International Airport,
Ground Floor, Alpha 3 building,
Devanahalli, Bengaluru,
Karnataka - 560300

Another way to make a complaint is by using the Airasia complaint number 080-46662222. The customer service agent will ask for your personal details like your name, number, and email address, along with the booking details like the PNR and the passenger's last name to assist you in the best way possible. 

If you want to contact Air Asia, the information above will be useful. For any other help, visit the official website airasia.com or call the customer service number.