How do I get a hold of Sun Country?

If you want to avail of first-class Sun Country services such as extra baggage allowance, easy refund policy, flexible check-in procedure, etc., you can quickly get a hold of Sun Country Airlines by reaching out to its phone number 651-905-2737 where a live person will be assigned who will provide you with complete guidance. However, one must select an appropriate IVR from different IVRs spoken after dialing its phone number. 

How long are you on hold with Sun Country Airlines?

There is always a query raised by many travelers that is associated with the  Sun Country hold time. So, you may have to wait (when you are put on hold by the agent over a call) for at least 3-5 minutes to connect with the airline, where you can cite your service-related concerns. 

Why does the Sun Country phone wait so long?

Most passengers go through the Sun Country Airlines phone hold issue. This is a time-consuming process. Hence, they wonder what could be why they put their calls on hold for a long time. So, to find an appropriate answer related to the same, you are suggested to look at the points that are elaborated below:

A large number of calls— This can be one of the primary reasons as the assistance team must be receiving many calls, so they put a call on hold. However, it is always suggested to the one to wait at least 3-6 minutes. 

Lack of executives— This can also be the reason that there is less number of present executives who are attending to the phone calls. 

National holiday— During holidays, the executives are in low numbers, so they are unable to respond to every call or take a lot of time to respond. 

Network issue— If there is some network error going on, your call may not be able to connect within the time frame, and it takes more time to connect. 

Peak season— If you are calling during peak season or vacation time, you have to wait for the agent to respond to your call. 

What is the preferred time to get to Sun Country Airlines?

The most preferred time to get to the airline is considered to be between 8 a.m. to 11:30 A.m. This may help you to avoid a long waiting time and to connect in a quick time. 

Once you go through the discussion above, you will know everything about the Sun Country customer service hold activity, why it is done, how long it may take to connect over a call, etc.  

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