How late before a flight can I cancel?

The minimum time to cancel a flight or make any changes to your booking with any airline is 4 hours; after that, you will not be able to cancel your booking with the airline. To cancel your booking with the airline, you can visit the official website or call their reservation number.

How long before a flight can I cancel?

Every airline has a 24-hour flight policy that says if the passengers change or cancel the flight within 24 hours, then the airline will not charge any amount. However, after that, they have to pay the cancellation fee. If you need any information or assistance, reach out to customer service or visit the official website to read the airline policy.

The process to cancel a flight with the airline

If you want to cancel a flight ticket with the airline, the quickest way is through the official website. You have to provide the flight, and then you can cancel your reservation. Through the official website, you can also make changes to your booking. To learn about the process to cancel your booking, follow the given instructions:

  • Head to the official website of the airline or open the mobile application.
  • Tap on the “Manage Booking/ My Trips” section.
  • Enter your “PNR or E-ticket number” and “Last name.”
  • Click on the flight cancel option.
  • Agree to all the conditions, and the airline will also send a confirmation message for your cancellation on the registered email.