How do I connect my phone to Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines is a premium airline that takes care of every need of its passengers. The flyers do not compromise with the entertainment sources when flying on a Singapore flight; as well as can surf the internet freely to be connected with their loved ones on land. To use the internet on the air, connect phone to Singapore Airlines as you board the flight. The phone can be connected to Singapore Airlines by downloading the airline application on your device, and you must log in on the same with your KrisFlyer account. 

Can I get Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines?

It is mandatory to be a member of KrisFlyer with Singapore Airlines to get wi-fi on your flight. Suite and Business Class travelers can obtain wi-fi connectivity during their flight if they are not Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program members. 

How do I pair my device on Singapore Airlines?

Individuals who are now going to travel with Singapore Airlines should take advantage of the Wi-Fi connection at the airport and on the flight. The procedure for Singapore Airlines pair device has been available in the following context:

  • You should download the Singapore Airlines application on your device,
  • As the application installs, open the same,
  • Go to the Menu section and opt for the KrisWorld option,
  • Now, tap on the "Connect to Seats" column,
  • Put your seat number on the same,
  • Now, following the provided prompts, you must generate a code,
  • The generated code should be entered in the given column on the page,
  • As the code processes, your device will be paired with Singapore Airlines. 

Do you have to pay Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines majorly offers Wi-Fi service to their passengers for free of cost with their reservations. If you are not flying on a higher fare class with Singapore and are not a KrisFlyer member, you must wonder if you have the option of Singapore Airlines WiFi. The airline offers the purchase option to passengers who would love to be connected to the internet during their travel time so that they do not lose contact with the outside world or for other reasons. 

If you are wondering what Singapore Airlines wifi purchase cost is, it varies depending on what package you choose and which class you are flying. The wifi Singapore Airlines wifi plan starts from USD 3.99 to USD 15.99. 

How to watch movies on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines is known for its in-flight entertainment sources among travelers. Whether you have a long flight journey or a short one, you can find a movie on your flight to watch based on your preference with Singapore Airlines. After connecting your device with the in-flight Wi-Fi, you can surf the internet freely to find yourself the best movie to watch on the air. If you connect with Singapore Airlines on your device, you can browse the best movies to watch on the KrisWorld application. 

Do you get free Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines?

Depending on your fare conditions, you can avail the free Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines, and all KrisFlyer members receive a complimentary internet connection throughout the flight journey. The following travelers avail the free WiFi Singapore Airlines when they have a flight reservation:

  1. Suites or First Class passengers.
  2. Business Class travelers
  3. Economy Class reservation holders who are enrolled in the KrisFlyer program
  4. All the KrisFlyer members
  5. PPS and Supplementary card holders. 

Is there free internet at Singapore Airport?

Singapore Airport has internet connectivity available at all four terminals. Travelers at the Singapore Airport can conveniently surf the internet by connecting their mobile or laptop devices. The internet speed at the airport is 400 kbps and free of cost.