What is group booking in Iberia flight?

Iberia Airlines provides there customers with multiple booking options, and group booking is one form them; using the group travel option will help those customers who want to travel with their families, friends, colleagues, etc. While selecting the Iberia group booking option, customers will able to join more than ten passengers on a single booking and modify the bookings 48 hours prior the departure. Still, to travel in a group, you have to make the group bookings well before the departure date, and the airlines will verify your computation. After checking the quotation, the airlines will confirm your travel, and if all information is correct, then they will revert you by email. 

How to book your group travel with Iberia?

If you are looking to make the Iberia Airlines group reservation request, then you need to use their official website. Using this online option, you will not need to communicate with any representatives. In case you do not have details about the group booking process, then you need to follow the points which are mentioned below.    

  • Search for the official website of Iberia Airlines
  • Now, under the section of travel, tap over group bookings
  • Following that, you need to choose the option "I would like to request an estimate.
  • Doing that, a group reservation form will appear in which you have to mention your travel dates, destination name, etc.
  • Further, you must provide your contact information, number of passengers, travel class, etc.
  • In the next, the airlines will revert you by email, and if the estimate is as per the airlines then you have to make the payments.
  • The Iberia airlines will send your email of successfully making the bookings. 

What are the benefits of traveling in a group with Iberia?

Traveling in a group is always a beneficial option for the customers of Iberia Airlines as they will able to get plenty of additional services without paying charges or paying a nominal amount. In case any customers are unaware of the benefits of having Iberia group travel have to follow the below points. 

Deals and offers: There are several deals and offers provided by Iberia Airlines for group travelers, which will help the customers save money. These deals and offers are available on the official website of Iberia Airlines or their social media handles. 

Easy modifications: After making the bookings, if the customer wants to add any passenger, remove any passengers, or add any assistance, etc. etc, the passenger is allowed to do a one-time modification without paying charges. 

Flexible terms and conditions: The terms and conditions for group travel on Iberia Airlines are flexible, but it will depend upon the type of the group. Customers can reserve the flight by paying 10% to 20 % of the bookings, and they are allowed to spend the rest of the amount before 48 hours of the departure date. 

Are Iberia flights cheaper if you book as a group?

Yes, choosing the group bookings option on Iberia is cheaper. You will be able to save money, and the amount will vary as per the destination, the season of the destination, the type of group, etc. These special prices for group bookings are provided by the airlines because the airlines are selling their tickets in bulk, and to get the best price, you have to book an Iberia group ticket at least prior six months before the departure. 

How many people do you need to get a group discount on Iberia?

There is no particular number at which customers will get the discount on group reservations; however, still, if any more than 15 passengers are traveling in the group, then they will get the benefit of the Iberia group booking discount. The discount can be any type, such as low fares, more offers, preferred seats without paying, etc. 

Can you get flight discounts on Iberia for large groups?

Yes, there is the option of discounts for large families, and this Iberia group booking benefit is available on the official website of Iberia Airlines. This discount can be directly applied from the official website, and this subsidy option will not be applicable if you pay for the tickets with Avios. Customers need to remember that they need to show a large family card while making the check-in.