Indigo Student Flight Discount

Indigo is one of those airlines that enable travelers to save their ticket fares by providing various discount coupons. There are many students who wish to travel via Indigo, and they have much confusion regarding student discounts on flights Indigo, then you must not only read the details mentioned below but also can utilize them to travel to different destinations saving some money. Travelers must make sure that they follow the rules and regulations set by the airline. Elaborated information is mentioned below. 

How to get student discounts on IndiGo flights?

If you wish to avail of a student discount, then you need to follow the online steps given below:

  • To book your tickets using the student discount, you must go to the website of Indigo.
  • Search your flight by entering the origin city and destination.
  • Also, you need to use a calendar to mention traveling dates.
  • After specifying the number of passengers, and trip type, you need to select “students” from the drop-down menu bar stating “special fares.”
  • Finally, you will be displayed on all Indigo flights to your destinations.
  • You need to enter student details and also enclose identity proof.
  • Finally, you will be taken to the payment page, where you will be displayed discounted fare.
  • You can make a payment and, on confirmation, receive a message on your email address.

Indigo Student Discount Rules:

Indigo has framed several student discount rules that are given below:

  1. Indigo only enables travelers above the age of 12 to use student discounts for domestic flights.
  2. If you use the student discount, then you can get a 6% discount on your base fare.
  3. Travelers are also provided with the option to carry an extra 10% off luggage if they use this discount. 
  4. Students are required to provide valid identification for verifying their age and also other relevant documents during the time of check-in. 
  5. Travelers can only use student discounts for domestic Indigo flights; however, this option is available for both one-way and round trips. 
  6. If you use the Student discount, then your tickets will be non-refundable. 
  7. You are not allowed by Indigo to use multiple discounts along with student discounts.
  8. Travelers can even check-in online if they use a student discount, unlike any other discount. 
  9. Travelers must make reservations at least 7 days in advance. 

What is the age limit for student fare in IndiGo?

Travelers must make sure that they are at least 12 years or above to avail of an Indigo student discount. They need to provide their identity proof to the airlines to validate their age. In case they fail to provide their identity proof, the airline is liable to cancel their benefits using student discounts. 

Who is eligible for a student discount on IndiGo flights?

There are many users who are confused about the eligibility to use the Indigo student discount. If you also wish to know the eligibility, then you must be at least 12 years or above. 

Does IndiGo have a student discount?

Yes, Indigo provides student discounts to passengers who want to travel to any destination for their studies. The passengers who make reservations using this discount have several benefits. Students have the option to make reservations online via the web page or by using the mobile application. Some of the important benefits are given below:

  • They can carry extra luggage. They are permitted to carry 10kg extra luggage. 
  • The price of their tickets is less.
  • They can get up to 6% of the extra discount. 

Can I check in 2 bags with IndiGo for students?

Yes, you can carry two checked bags on an Indigo flight. You are permitted to carry an additional 10 kg if you select a student discount. According to the baggage policies of the airlines, you be allowed to carry bags according to the following points:

If you are going to any domestic destination, then you are permitted to carry a handbag whose weight must be under or equal to 7 kg. The bag's dimensions must be such that it fits under the seat or in the overhead bin. 
You are also allowed to carry checked-in luggage up to 15 kg. However, you are only allowed to carry one bag. But if you pay additional fees for extra luggage, then you can take 2 bags.
Apart from the weights mentioned, you can also take up to 3 kg of handbags or laptop bags.

Do students get an extra baggage allowance?

Yes, airlines allow passengers to carry extra luggage by paying extra fares. 

Conclusion: Apart from the information given above, if you still have any confusion regarding the Indigo student discount and you wish to get relevant information, then you must contact customer care services and get related information. You can also get an Indigo student discount for international students' information by contacting airline customer services.