Delta vs. American Airlines: Which is best?

Having confusion in choosing between Delta and American Airlines, for this, you look for which is good as Delta vs American Airlines? So, it depends on various factors which are stated below, consider:

What is a better airline Delta or American?

Delta Airlines: 

Seats- Generally, newer fleets have more legroom and wider seats in economy, especially on newer aircraft. Offers premium economy on many routes.

Food- Generally considered better quality and more regionally-inspired menus in both economy and premium cabins.

Fare class- Typically slightly more expensive, especially for economy fares.

In-flight entertainment- Free Wi-Fi on most domestic routes (expanding to the entire fleet by the end of 2024) and generally a wider selection of movies and TV shows.

American Airlines: 

Seats- More mixed fleet with varying seat comfort. Offers Main Cabin Extra with slightly more legroom in economy on some aircraft. It has first class on most international routes, while Delta typically uses Delta One (business class) with lie-flat seats.

Food- Food quality could be more consistent, though they offer more options to purchase snacks and meals onboard.

Fare class- Can sometimes offer more competitive fares, particularly on shorter routes.

In-flight entertainment- No free Wi-Fi in standard economy (available for purchase), slightly smaller entertainment selection.

What makes Delta better than other airlines?

Whether Delta is truly "better" than other airlines depends on your priorities and needs as a traveler. However, here are some of the things that Delta frequently highlights as its strengths:

  • Delta boasts an extensive network with over 1,000 destinations worldwide, making it a good choice for travelers looking for comprehensive coverage. They also have partnerships with other airlines, further expanding their reach.
  • Delta offers a variety of cabin options, including their new premium select cabin with more spacious seating and elevated dining. Depending on the route and cabin class, they also provide in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi, and chef-inspired meals.
  • It consistently ranks well in customer service satisfaction surveys. They offer various support options, including a mobile app for managing your trip, live chat, and phone support.
  • Delta's SkyMiles program is a popular choice for frequent flyers, offering various redemption options and benefits like priority boarding and lounge access, depending on your status.
  • It generally has good on-time performance and baggage handling compared to other airlines.
  • It has made efforts towards sustainability, such as investing in fuel-efficient aircraft and carbon offset programs.

What makes American Airlines better than other airlines?

Whether American Airlines is "better" than other airlines depends heavily on your priorities and travel needs. No single airline dominates every category, and America has its strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors. Here's a breakdown:

  1. America boasts the most extensive domestic route network in the US, making it a top choice for travelers.
  2. AAdvantage, American's loyalty program, is considered easier to earn and redeem miles compared to some competitors. It also offers several credit card options to boost your mileage accumulation.
  3. For budget-conscious travelers, America's basic economy fares can be affordable, even offering standby options.

Which first class is better, Delta or American?

You are looking for which is better American Airlines or Delta Airlines first class. However, it totally depends on your priorities and preferences, as both airlines excel in different areas. Here's a breakdown to help you choose:


  • They are consistently praised for their friendly and accommodating staff.
  • More opportunities for upgrades or more seats to sell.
  • They are not offered by American Airlines on some routes.
  • Offer full privacy with walls and doors, available on select international flights.


  1. It is more straightforward to achieve elite status for frequent flyers.
  2. More extensive network, especially for international destinations.
  3. Pajamas are offered on select international flights.
  4. There is a slightly wider seat pitch on some long-haul international flights.

Does Delta or American Airlines have bigger seats?

If seat size is your top priority, research the aircraft and fare class you're considering for each airline. Look for details on seat width, pitch, and layout to compare directly. Additionally, consider reading reviews from other passengers for their comfort experiences.

Seat Width:

Economy Class: Both airlines usually offer similar seat widths, hovering around 17-18 inches. However, there are exceptions based on aircraft type. For example, Delta's A220 offers a wider 18.5-inch seat, while American's 767-300ER boasts a generous 19.4-inch width.

Premium Economy: Delta generally edges out American here, with 19-21 inch seats compared to American's 18-19 inch range.

Business Class: Both airlines offer lie-flat seats in business class, but Delta's tend to be slightly wider, ranging from 20-21 inches compared to American's 19-20 inches.

First Class: Again, both airlines offer spacious first-class seats, but Delta's tend to be a bit wider, reaching 21-22 inches compared to American's 20-21 inches.

Seat Pitch:

Economy Class: Both airlines offer a standard 30-inch seat pitch in most economy cabins. Some exceptions exist, like Delta's regional jets with a 29-inch pitch and America's older 757s with a 31-inch pitch.

Premium Economy: Similar to seat width, Delta generally offers slightly more legroom with 38-40 inches compared to American's 34-38 inches.

Business Class: Both airlines offer ample legroom, with Delta's seats ranging from 75-82 inches and American's offering 75-81 inches.

First Class: Both airlines provide significant legroom, with Delta offering 81-88 inches and American providing 80-81 inches.

Which is safer, American Airlines or Delta?

It's difficult to definitively say which airline is "safer," American or Delta, as both have excellent safety records. Several factors contribute to an airline's safety and can vary between companies. However, both airlines have a long history of safe operations and haven't had any significant accidents recently. However, Delta experienced a tailstrike incident in August 2022, while America has not had any similar events in recent years.

Who has more legroom, Delta or American? 

Whether it can be depends on which class of service you're considering and the specific aircraft of Delta vs American international flights that you'll be flying on. Here's a breakdown:

Economy Class:

Average: Both airlines offer a similar average legroom in economy class, around 31 inches.

Variation: However, legroom can vary between different aircraft types within each airline. Delta generally offers closer to 32 inches on most of its fleet, while American might have some aircraft with less, depending on the route and model.

Extra Legroom Economy:

Seat Pitch: Both airlines offer extra legroom options: Delta calls it Comfort+, and American calls it Main Cabin Extra. Both brands offer seats with a pitch of around 34-36 inches, providing more space for taller passengers.

Product: Delta generally gets higher marks for Comfort+ regarding seat comfort and inflight entertainment options than American's Main Cabin Extra. However, Americans might sometimes offer lower prices.

Is American Airlines good for international flights? 

Whether American Airlines is good for international flights depends on your priorities and needs. Here's a breakdown of some pros and cons to help you decide:

  1. American Airlines has an extensive network of international destinations, serving over 50 countries. This means you have a good chance of finding a direct flight to your desired location.
  2. It is part of the Oneworld alliance, which is accessible to a broader network of destinations and benefits like lounge access and frequent flyer miles across partner airlines.
  3. It can offer a variety of cabin classes, from basic economy to first class, so select the tier of convenience and luxuries that suit your budget and needs.
  4. AAdvantage, American Airlines' frequent flyer program, is one of the largest in the world and offers various benefits like earning miles on flights, redeeming miles for award flights, and priority boarding.