Is it cheaper to upgrade your flight last minute?

When there are many empty seats in the Business or any upper class. If you want to save money, then it is cheaper to upgrade your flight last minute because there are high chances for price reductions. You can also use the miles points while upgrading the flight to get an extra discount. Always use the office website to upgrade as they do not charge any extra amount.

Procedure to upgrade the flight online at a last-minute

Online mode is the quickest way to upgrade your flight. You need to mention the required flight details and pick the preferred seat by paying the relevant charges. To use this mode, head to the official website or mobile application. Go through the given steps:

  1. Navigate to the airline's website/app.
  2. Press the "Manage your Booking" section.
  3. Write down the flight details, including the reservation code and last name.
  4. Tap on the option to upgrade the seat and follow all the steps on your screen.
  5. After that, you need to pay the relevant charges, and the airline will send the updated ticket to your registered email.

Is it cheaper to upgrade to business class at the airport last minute?

Many airlines do not charge the extra fee to modify the flight ticket through the online method. However, if you make the changes over the call or at the airport, then you have to pay some charges. Passengers who want to save money by upgrading their flight to business class at the last minute should use the online method as they can apply any ongoing offers or use the miles points.