KLM Group Travel and Booking - A Complete Guide

KLM has been providing unrequited support and assistance as part of their customer service once the reservation has been finalized. Under the same, in scenarios when there is a plan for a group trip with the family to a specific destination, KLM allows group booking and offers you the best deals and discounts. The details are explained here. 

KLM group booking terms and conditions:

There are certain KLM group travel conditions that you need to adhere to, which are:

  • The group travel eligibility criteria would be effective only if there are 10 or more people in the group that is making the reservation. All children below 2 years of age are not counted in the group. 
  • The details of the passengers traveling in the group can be fully filled up and submitted till 35 days before the scheduled departure of the flight. 
  • There is the option of payment to be done partially or fully within the time frame specified by KLM.
  • For the approval of the quote that has been requested with the airline, you can buy a buffer time of 14 days, during which the offer would be on hold at no cost levied for the same. 
  • The travel quotation and the total price that gets charged depends on the number of passengers in the group, the total number of seats made available, the destination chosen, the fare class type, and the dates for travel. 

What is the best way to book a large group flight on KLM?

The best way to make a group booking with KLM for a large group is through the group booking form provided. The methodological steps that must be followed are detailed below:

  1. Access the group travel request form and fill in all the details to submit. https://grouptravel.klm.com/en
  2. The team would review the form shared as per the requisite. 
  3. A quotation would be shared by the team within 3 days of receipt of the form.
  4. Make a selection or rejection of the offer in accordance with your budget. 
  5. The email of acceptance will be shared with the team once selected. 
  6. Finalize the booking by making partial or full payment as per the agreement. 
  7. A form to fill in passenger information would be shared. Fill it as required.

Are KLM flights cheaper if you book as a group?

Yes, KLM Airlines group travel is much cheaper to book rather than individual pricing as it will help you get the fare price with a huge margin as a discount.   

How many people do you need to get a group discount on KLM flights?

To enjoy the various perks, benefits, and discounts on KLM flight group reservations, there should be a minimum of 10 or more people in the group, excluding children below 2 years of age. Otherwise, the group travel eligibility would not be met, and you would have to make individual bookings. 

What are the benefits of KLM group booking?

There are various KLM group booking benefits, the attributes of which are given here for you to make a reference to:

  • Group travel booking allows you to have ample amount of time to decide before finalising the booking that has been made. 
  • All the services and amenities are available to quickly board the flight via the staff at the KLM group desk.
  • The flexibility to book the preferred seat in the airline at no seat selection fee charged. 
  • Helps you to earn the additional credits or Flying Blue Miles with KLM for the group travel reservation made. 
  • Flexibility to add more passengers to the group travel as per the changes in the travel plans. 
  • The added benefit of making the payment in installments is that you are given enough time to cancel the flight as per your convenience.
  • Availability of the option to make changes to the name of the passenger at no fee charged till the time the tickets are issued by the airline. 

Can you get flight discounts on KLM for large groups?

The KLM group booking discount can be availed for large groups by making a request for a quote with the airline. Once it is shared, the airline will offer a competitive price, which would be beneficial to the group.

What is the phone number for KLM group booking?

You can dial at the KLM group booking phone number, which would help you to make the group travel with the airline. For the same, dial to connect at +31 (0)20 5459708, where after the hold time, the team will get you connected to the representative. Give in all the details for the group booking that needs to be initiated, and finalize the reservation as per the need.

What airline group is KLM part of? 

KLM airline is a part of the SkyTeam, which consists of a network of 19 airlines. Clubbed together, all these airlines cover a total of 1,036 locations worldwide, with an average of 15,445 flights traversing on a daily basis.