How do I change my Avianca flight date?

Avianca is the largest in Colombia and the second in Latin America; If you book your flight ticket and due to some issues you want to make changes in your flight date, you need to follow some simple steps:-

  • You have to access the browser and then open the Avianca Airline website. 
  • Now, go to the Manage your booking option. https://www.avianca.com/en/your-booking/manage-your-booking/
  • Then, you need to select the flight that you want for changes and then follow the instructions for changes, and select the new date or schedule options. 
  • After that, when you make all the selections, confirm that and enter payment information. 
  • At last, you will acquire the verification statement with updates on the email. 

How much does it cost to change flights on Avianca?

The Avianca Airlines flight change fee depends on the class you have selected. Depending on the class of the ticket, you must consult the information on the cost of changing flights.

  1. If you have an economy class ticket and want to make changes, the charge is up to $500 and you will also need to pay the difference in fare between the last flight and the new ticket.
  2. If you have a flex class in Avianca, then you need to pay the charge of $150 with the fare difference. 
  3. When you have booked your flight ticket in promo class, you need to pay higher flight change fees of up to $700 along with the fare difference. 

What is Avianca's change flight policy?

  • The passengers can make changes to their Avianca flight ticket within 24 hours of booking free of cost. 
  • If you fail to make changes within a limited time, then you need to pay the charges that applied. 
  • The airline is allowed to make changes in tickets up to a certain period before the scheduled departure time, depending on routes and time. 

Can I change my Avianca flight on the same day?

Yes, you can make changes on Avianca flights on same-day within 24 hours of booking and at least seven days before. If you make the changes after a specific time, you must pay the charges that are applied according to class, destinations, routes, etc.

How many hours before can I reschedule my Avianca flight?

You can make changes within 24 hours of reservation or before the scheduled departure time. Also, there are some charges that you need to pay to the airline, and that depends on the ticket, such as:-

  • If you have a basic economy ticket, then only make changes within 24 hours; 
  • For a refundable ticket, you can make changes any time free,
  • For non-refundable tickets, change anytime, but you are required to pay the charges. 

Can you reschedule the Avianca flight last minute?

Yes, you can reschedule the Avianca flight at the last minute, but, for that, you need to pay the charges. Avianca airline allows their passengers to make any changes, and for that, there are some fares that you must pay to the airline. 

Can you reschedule an Avianca flight for free?

Of course, you reschedule an Avianca flight for free, so for that you have to make a change within 24 hours of booking the ticket, or it will be at least seven days in advance.

Plus, if you have a refundable plane ticket, you can make changes at no cost. Under the date change policy, you can easily make changes to your time, date, and other factors without fees, but some amounts are based on ticket class.