calendarNovember 17, 2022Travel

How can I change my flight ticket date to SpiceJet?

SpiceJet flight changes can be done online at www.spicejet.com, Airport Sales Centers, or call 0124 498 3410 for instant change on Spicejet ticket date.

calendarNovember 14, 2022Travel

How can I change the passenger name on the Air India ticket?

Visit www.airindia.in to correct the name on Air India ticket via manage booking. Select the flight want to make changes on name by clicking on the modification button.

calendarNovember 11, 2022Travel

How can I change my name on the Indigo flight ticket?

You can edit the passenger name on the Indigo ticket online> Click on Manage>Select Edit Bookings>Choose the name change option and make changes to your name.

calendarNovember 8, 2022Travel

How do I change the passenger name on the Vistara airline ticket?

You can change the name on the Vistara ticket online at www.airvistara.com. Go to the Manage Booking option > Select the flight>Click on the name change option.

calendarNovember 2, 2022Travel

How do I Upgrade my Vistara Air?

Visit www.airvistara.com to upgrade your seat on Vistara and manage the booking by entering the PNR number and last name and choosing the higher travel class you wish to travel to.

calendarOctober 28, 2022Travel

How can I select a seat on IndiGo?

You can easily select a seat on IndiGo Airlines during booking or through Manage Booking. A seat map will appear on your screen, choose a seat of your choice.

calendarOctober 27, 2022Travel

How can I reschedule my IndiGo flight ticket?

Go to www.goindigo.in and manage your IndiGo reservation by entering your PNR/Booking reference number, email ID/last and reschedule your IndiGo flight online.

calendarOctober 27, 2022Travel

How do I get a refund from IndiGo?

You can get a refund from IndiGo by clicking on the Manage Booking option> entering your PNR Number>Email ID/Last name and submitting an IndiGo refund form.

calendarOctober 20, 2022Travel

How can I cancel my Indigo flight?

You can cancel your Indigo flight ticket within 24 hours of booking via manage booking online at www.goindigo.in without paying any cancellation charges.

calendarOctober 19, 2022Travel

How can I get a refund on my SpiceJet ticket?

If you need to get a refund from SpiceJet, you must cancel the flight and request a refund online by clicking "Claim Now" and filling out the refund form completely.

calendarOctober 14, 2022Travel

How can I cancel my flight ticket on SpiceJet?

You can make the flight cancellations with SpiceJet online via manage booking at www.spicejet.com within 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

calendarOctober 13, 2022Travel

How can I reschedule my flight with GoAir?

You can change your GoAir flight online by managing booking at www.FlyGoFirst.com. You can make the Go First ticket change within 24 hours without paying any fees.