Contact EVA Air Customer Service to Share Your Concern

The main aim of EVA Air is to provide quality service and safety. The airlines provide business class facilities under the budget of the passengers. Through phone calls, passengers acquire real-time flight updates and can check their flight status. In an emergency, passengers can quickly seek support from the Airline in their native language. Here, chances of miscommunication are less because of the direct interaction of the passengers with the Airlines. 

What is the phone number for EVA Air 24/7? 

Phone calls can save you time and energy, getting the proper assistance for you. Contact the EVA Air call center at 1 (800) 695-1188 to directly communicate with the airline agent; this customer service phone number is available 24/7 for the passengers. 

EVA Air contact information

Taiwan: +886-2-25011999
Tel-Aviv: +97237951333
Dubai: +971 4 3934555
Jeddah: +966 12 6038000 2174
Amman:  +962 6 500 4455
Amsterdam: +31-20-5759166
Athens: +30 210-4286844
Bratislava: +421-2-52631807
Bruxelles: +32 2 712 05 54
Budapest: (+36) 30 201 5617
Munich: +49-89-2017-623-88 
London: +44 20-3985-6103
Cairo: +202 2480 2010
Milan: +39-02-7860-2401
Paris: +33-1-41439111
Prague: +420-2-96368271
Vienna: +43-1-7007-387-00 
Zurich: +41 (0) 5868002 75
Madrid: +34 91 458 55 75
Warsaw: +48-22-6321084
Copenhagen: +45 3333 0344
Moscow: +7 495 641-51-21
Buenos Aires: +54 11 4327-2595
La Paz: +54 11 4327-2595
Quito: +54 11 4327-2595
Managua: (+571) 745 88 82
Santiago: +54 11 4327-2595
Panama: (+571) 745 88 82
Asunción: +54 11 4327-2595
Lima: +54 11 4327-2595
San Jose: (+571) 745 88 82
San Salvador: (+571) 745 88 82
Bogota: (+571) 745 88 82
Vancouver: +1-604-214-6608
Atlanta: +1-404-2097688
Chicago: +1-847-261-9900
Dallas: +1-972-5749663
Los Angeles: +1-310-362-6600
San Francisco: +1-650-5791818

Where do I call EVA Air?

For passengers needing help with boarding, baggage, or lost items then a phone call is the best method to get the quickest response. Phone calls remain accessible to passengers with limited internet or technological resources who want to communicate with contact EVA Air from the US 1 (800) 695-1188. Communicating through phone calls or addressing language-specific concerns can be tackled readily. First, select your native language and then follow the IVR carefully:

  • Dial (800) 695-1188 (Eva Air toll-free)
  • Press 1 to know about the change in the scheduled flight.
  • Press 2 to know about the offers on flight tickets.
  • Press 3 to cancel the flight.
  • Press 4 to make a correction in the name on the booked ticket.
  • Press 5 to get in touch with the EVA Air customer executive.

How do I contact EVA Air Taiwan?

Passengers who want to talk with the customer support of EVA Air in Taiwan can directly give a ring at +886-2-25011999, which will get you connected with the representative. Choose your preferred language, followed by listening to the IVR carefully:

  1. Dial +886-2-25011999 (EVA Air Taiwan phone number)
  2. Press 3 to book any query regarding flight change or seat upgrade.
  3. Press 4 to know about the booking of tickets.
  4. Press 5 to learn about seat availability.
  5. Press 6 to find out about lost luggage.
  6. Press 7 to connect with the representative of EVA Air from Taiwan.

How to contact EVA Air customer service?

Airlines offer different methods to speak with agents in case of any problem. Passengers can choose the method discussed below according to their needs:

Contact via email

Email allows passengers to communicate in their preferred language, promoting better understanding. Sensitive information such as booking details or contact numbers can be shared securely via email. Airlines typically respond to emails within a reasonable timeframe, ensuring timely assistance. Passengers can provide full details of their issues, helping airline staff better understand their needs. Passengers can request and receive essential travel documents, such as e-tickets or itineraries, at EVA Air customer service email eservice@mh1.evaair.com. Passengers can easily track previous conversations via email, ensuring continuity in problem resolution.

Through Social Media

Passengers can check and monitor the status of their luggage through social networks, simplifying problem resolution. Airlines can provide personalized recommendations and solutions based on passengers' individual needs and queries. The social media agents are very responsive as is the EVA Air call center 24 hours a day. Airlines often seek feedback and conduct surveys through social media to improve their services.

How do I contact EVA Air Los Angeles?

To contact an EVA Air representative in Los Angeles, call +1-310-362-6600 and get assistance without wasting any time. The airline also takes care of passengers who have difficulty in hearing. Dial 777, and your call will be connected through the relay service. 

The office address is 2199 Campus Drive, El Segundo, CA 90245. It would help if you also took care of the office opening hours to avoid all the disturbance. The office opening hours (local time) are Monday- Friday, 08:30-05:30. 

How early to check in for the EVA Air flight?

Passengers flying with the EVA Air flight are advised to arrive at the Airport to complete the check-in process online approximately 48 hours to 1 hour before the scheduled departure time for International flights. Passengers must also check all the relevant details before arriving at the Airport with the help of chat support or on the Internet. However, it is essential to note that the recommended check-in time may vary according to the airport authority. To ensure a hassle-free check-in, please have a look at the timings. 

Which terminal is EVA Air in Taiwan?

EVA Air at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport departs from Terminal 2, but airports can change according to convenience. To avoid the inconvenience, passengers must reach the Airport before and check out the terminal and gate number. 

EVA Air Office in Taiwan 

117, Sec 2, Chang An E. Rd., Taipei 104, Taiwan

The best time to call EVA Air customer service

The best time is during non-peak hours: early in the morning and late at night. At this time you can call EVA Air customer service with the ease of informing them about your problem. Please share all flight-related information and your personal details to facilitate EVA Air customer service.


This guide contains information about EVA Air; All contact methods have been incorporated here. Apart from this, if you still have questions, you can call the EVA Air customer service number directly. The airline will take your call and provide you with the help you need. If a phone call doesn't work, you can try other ways, such as email and social media. Write down all your queries and mention all your personal and flight details in the message, which can make it easier for Eva Air customer service to provide you with the solution. You can also visit your nearby airport and find support.