Want to reschedule your flight with Star Air? Here is everything you need to know

Whether it's due to personal reasons or some unforeseen circumstances, we might need to reschedule our flight once in a while. Talking about your booking with Star Air, if you want to know how to reschedule a Star Air flight ticket, it's pretty simple. In the blog, we will discuss some questionnaires about the topic, which you can check out to improvise your knowledge. 

Change Star Air flight ticket date online

Star Air allows you to change a flight booking online by visiting the Manage booking section and calling the representative. Besides, if you want to know the online process, here are the steps: 

  1. Visit the Star Air official website. https://www.starair.in/home 
  2. Go to the "Manage Booking" section. https://ibook.starair.in/manage-booking 
  3. Enter your booking code number and last name to access your booking. 
  4. Select the flight you want to reschedule and choose the new date and time. 
  5. Review the fare differences or change fees that might apply. 
  6. Pay for the fare difference and change fee if it applies. 
  7. Confirm the changes, and follow the prompt. You will receive a new e-ticket with the updated flight details on your registered email id. 

What are the rules for rescheduling a Star Air flight?

When you switch the Star Air flight, you must know about the specific rules and policies. The star air flight change policy might vary based on the ticket type, fare class, and other external factors. Some of them are listed below: 

  • If you reschedule your Star Air flight, it is subject to the availability of seats on the new flight. 
  • When rescheduling the flight, fare differences might apply based on new ticket prices, fare conditions, etc. 
  • As per the Star Air flight change policy, you must reschedule the flight before the original flight departure time. 
  • If you reschedule the flight due to the cancellation of your flight, it is free. 
  • Depending on the booking source, you can reschedule the flight by visiting the website, speaking to the representative, at the airport, or via a third party. 

How much is the Star Air flight change fee?

The fee to change your star flight varies depending on various factors, including the fare condition, route, destination, etc. If you have a Star Flexi ticket, the first change is free; only the fare difference applies. Besides, if you have a regular or comfortable ticket, the Star Air flight change charges, you might need to pay around INR 3000. To know the exact change fee, you can speak to the Star Air team directly at +91 997 055 5111 / +91 22 50799555. 

How do I contact Star Air to change a flight?

  1. Dial the Star Air number +91 997 055 5111 / +91 22 50799555
  2. Follow the IVR instructions to speak to the Star Air agent. 
  3. Once connected, request the agent you want to change the booking
  4. Provide the booking details and confirm the changes you want 
  5. The Star Air agent will make the changes on your behalf. 
  6. Pay for the fare difference and change fee in case it applies. 
  7. Follow the prompt, and you can change the Sta Air ticket successfully. 

You can also email the airline at CustomerCare@starair.in to share your change flight request. Moreover, the other way to contact Star Air is via WhatsApp live chat with Star Air at +91 99705 55111. 

Can I reschedule my Star Air flight without fees?

Yes! If you have a Star Flexi fare, you can change star air flights for free once. Besides, charges apply if you have a Star Regular or Star Comfort ticket and change your booking. 

Can I change my flight date one day before?

Yes, it is possible to change the Star Air flight date one day before. You can change your flight date online through the Manage booking section and by connecting with the airline at +91 997 055 5111 / +91 22 50799555. Besides, remember you must pay the fare difference and change fee if applied. 

Conclusion: You can easily reschedule Star Air flight tickets anytime by reading the information above and going through the questionnaire discussed. If you have any doubts or need more information, you can log in to your account or visit the Change Flight page on the Star Air website.


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