When can I select seats on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways gives the option of selecting a seats to the passengers. There are two scenarios when you can select a seat on Qatar Airways; 

At the time of booking- You can select your standard seat (window, aisle, or middle) for free at the time of booking for most Economy Comfort, Economy Convenience, Business Comfort, and Business Elite fares. 

After Booking- You can also select your seat after booking your flight, but there may be a fee varying on your fare type and the seat you choose. 

How can I choose my seats on Qatar Airways?

Select Seats on Qatar Airways while booking: A traveler can easily select the seats while booking the flight. To get through it, must consider the following steps-

  • Launch the Qatar Airways web portal.
  • Select the dates and destinations of arrival and departure at the city airport, 
  • Choose the fare class with several passengers, and continue to select the flight, 
  • After that, choose the seats from the seat map and pay for it, 
  • Add reliable information and pay the appropriate charges to the airlines.
  • Get confirmation on your registered email address.

Select seats on Qatar Airways during check-in: Also, a passenger can make a Qatar Airways seat selection at check in for that, you have to consider the following steps:

  1. Land on the Qatar Airways site
  2. Look for the check-in section, add the confirmation code and last name.
  3. After that, do all the possibilities of check-in, 
  4. Choose the seats as per your preference, continue paying the airline fares, and get its confirmation on your phone.

Select seats online: In addition, a passenger can readily make the Qatar Airways seat selection online; for that, you have to continue to manage booking,

  1. Open the Qatar Airways official site.
  2. Continue to view the manage booking section; 
  3. Add the booking reference number and surname 
  4. After that, next to the seat selection option, choose the seats as per your choice,
  5. Then, pay the airlines the appropriate fares and receive its confirmation on your registered device.

Pick the seats at the airport: Also you can pick the seats at the airport; you need to reach the airport 3 to 4 hours before flying the flight from departure; after that, visit the check-in counter, make all the check-in possibilities, and request for seat selection, share the appropriate details, the agent gives you the Qatar Airways seat map, view it, and select the seats as per your choice, pay the charges if it's required. 

However, if you skip the seat selection during the booking, check-in, online, or at the airport, the airline will assign you the seats free of cost.

Qatar Airways seat selection policy

It is necessary to have frequent knowledge about the Qatar Airways seat selection before choosing it because it helps you learn about the stats preference and some terms you need to consider.

  1. The Standard seat selection is complimentary for Economic Classic, Economy Comfort, and Economy Convenience.
  2. If you skip the seat selection when booking, check-in, or airport, the airline will offer the seat when you fly without taking any fee from you.
  3. Standard seat selection permits you to choose window, aisle, or middle seats within the standard cabin area.
  4. Only comparable seat aspect is allowed to change.
  5. You can select your standard seat at the time of booking or later through manage booking, while check-in, and at the airport.
  6. Preferred seat selection is free for Business Class passengers and comes at a fee for Economy Class passengers.
  7. The preferred seat selection offers Extra legroom and Comfort + seats with more legroom and amenities. 
  8. Changes are permittable only on the same route or on the same flight.
  9. Travelers cannot request a seat selection refund for voluntary and involuntary upgrades.  
  10. The exit row and bulkhead seats may have restrictions and require passengers to meet specific requirements, such as being able to assist others in case of an emergency.
  11. Seat selection fees rely on the route, seat type, and time of selection.
  12. The seat requests might not be confirmed due to aircraft changes or the specific needs of other passengers.
  13. Seat booking fare is refundable if involuntary changes are made due to your seat safety, security, or operational reasons.
  14. Qatar Airways Privilege Club members and members of the equivalent Oneworld loyalty program may be eligible for free or discounted seat selection based on their membership tier.

Does Qatar charge for seat selection?

The Qatar Airways charges for seat selection vary on the fare type and the seat you choose, so there are fare differences that you should bear.

  1. For Economy Classic, the fees apply.
  2. For Economy Comfort, there is no fee required.
  3. For Economy Convenience, you don't need to pay any cost.

When did Qatar start charging for seat selection?

Qatar Airways implemented a Qatar Airways seat selection fee for Economy Classic class tickets in January 2020, which means that if you booked your flight after this date and have an Economy Classic ticket, you may required to pay a fee to choose your seat in advance.

Can I choose my seat on Qatar Airways after booking?

Yes, you can choose the seats in Qatar Airways after booking two ways: while manage booking through the website or mobile app, and another one is by requesting a seat at Qatar; therefore, you may continue to read the below content simply.

Online Seat Selection- You can choose the preferred seats directly on the Qatar Airways website or mobile app by using manage booking; for that,

  • Go to the official site of the Qatar Airways
  • Look for the manage booking section, add the PNR Number and last name
  • After that, continue to view the reservation, find the seat selection option, 
  • select the seats, move to pay the charges, and get the confirmation on your phone.

Make for a seat request- You can submit a seat request by contacting Qatar Airways through their website or calling the customer service person at Qatar; if the seats are available, the airline will assign them to you. 

Does Qatar Airways allow free seat selection?

According to the seat selection policy, Qatar Airways seat selection free is allowed under such conditions that are:

  • Standard seats are complimentary for most fare types, excluding the Economy Classic, which means you can choose a window, aisle, or middle seat but not preferred seats like those with the extra legroom.
  • Economy Comfort and Economy Convenience passengers get free standard seat selection, while Economy Classic requires a fee.
  • Passengers traveling with infants can select seats for free, though it doesn't guarantee a bassinet.

How to get free seats on Qatar Airways?

If you seek a free seat on Qatar Airways, there are a few simple ways to get through the points:

  1. If you're traveling with an infant and have a confirmed Economy Class e-ticket, you and all passengers in the same booking reference can choose your seats for free. 
  2. Online check-in within 24 hours before flying is available if any free standard seats are available on flight. If there are any, you can snag one at no additional cost.
  3. If you're adaptable with your trip programs, you can try checking with the airport airline to see if any standby seats are available on the Qatar flight.