Senior Citizen Airline Discount, Benefits & Policy

Are you traveling with your grandparents or any senior citizen? If yes, you will be elated to know that you can avail significant discounts for them. Airlines offer certain discounts to senior citizens to give a boost to travel and their sales. Various airlines offer different senior citizen flight discounts, which can be availed at the time of booking. To get a detailed understanding of these discounts, you should wade through the entire article. It discusses multiple important aspects of senior citizen discounts, such as policy, process to avail, and much more. 

What are the airline benefits for senior citizens?

Airlines provide multiple benefits to senior citizens, such as special assistance, specially-prepared meals for dietary restrictions, and much more. To know more, you can look up the website of the airline you are booking your flight with. 

Senior Citizen Discount Policy

To avail of a senior citizen discount, you should strictly follow certain rules and regulations. Airlines generally develop the following policy for senior citizen discounts. 

  • Senior citizen flight concessions can only be availed on the airlines’ website. 
  • Discounts are only applicable to the ticket price. Any additional services must be paid for by the customer. 
  • Only passengers who are above the age of 60 are eligible for these discounts. 
  • Customers who avail of the discount must produce valid identity proofs and certificates to get the discount. 
  • Senior citizen discounts are applicable on one-way as well as round trips. 
  • Some airlines may offer such discounts only on specific routes or destinations. 
  • Customers who fail to produce valid identity proofs or certificates must pay the current fare at the airport. 
  • Flight tickets under such discounts cannot be transferred to someone else. Also, no name changes are permitted on these tickets. 
  • People who book their tickets under this discount are not allowed to complete their check-in online. They have to make their check-in at the airport itself. 
  • If, at any point in time, you cancel a ticket booked under this scheme, you can get a refund after the deduction of the cancellation charge. 
  • You cannot merge any other schemes or offers with this scheme. 

How much discount do senior citizens get on flights?

Different airlines have different provisions for senior citizen discounts. A few low-cost carriers offer 5-6% discounts. In contrast, certain full-cost carriers or government-owned airlines offer up to 50% off. This discount is offered on the base fare, and any other services attract a fee that you must pay. 

Which airlines give senior citizens a discount in India?

With increased travel and tourism, Indian airlines have also introduced senior citizen concession as a means to boost sales. If you are unaware of the Indian airlines which offer such discounts, go through the given list. 

  • IndiGo
  • Spicejet
  • Air India
  • Go Air

If you wish to get a concession for senior citizen flight tickets, consider the above-mentioned airlines. 

What is the age of a senior citizen for flight booking?

Citizens aged over 60 are eligible for a senior citizen airline discount. Many airlines offer such discounts to eligible customers. 

How can I book a senior citizen flight ticket?

After knowing the senior citizen discount policy and related information, you should learn about the process of booking a flight ticket at a discounted price. The entire process for senior citizen flight ticket booking is discussed in the following points. 

  1. Navigate to the website of the airline you wish to book your ticket with. 
  2. You will find the flight search window on the homepage. 
  3. Enter your departure date, city, and destination. Also, mention the number of passengers.
  4. Hit the search button, and a list of flights will open. 
  5. Pick your desired flight and proceed to enter passengers' details. 
  6. When you enter the age, the discounted price will appear. 
  7. Make the payment and follow the further instructions carefully. 

What is airport assistance for seniors in India?

When traveling with the elderly, people usually worry about their boarding and disembarking from the plane. In such cases, you need not worry as you can get senior citizen airport assistance for your group members. The airport authorities and airline staff ensure a hassle-free experience for passengers and thus provide them with special assistance. You can avail of the following services at the airport for senior citizen members. 

Mobility assistance: due to old age, it becomes difficult for people to walk. Hence, airport authorities offer wheelchairs, mobility scooters, or a walking frame to people who cannot walk properly. You can use these helping devices to board the plane conveniently. 

Priority Boarding: to ensure they board their flight comfortably, airport authorities offer them a priority boarding service. In this way, they can avoid the long queue and get to their flight with ease. 

Language assistance: sometimes, non-native speakers have difficulty communicating. To solve this problem, volunteer staff is available at multiple information desks to provide assistance. 

Volunteer: the airport usually assigns duty to special volunteers to assist senior citizens on the airport premises till they board their flight.